Perhaps as a beginner, you’ve wondered, if the myths of entry level programming jobs are actually true?


With huge growth potential and sky-high salaries, you may have also heard how the industry may bulletproof your career for the future.


Rest assured they are and whether you’re a fresh graduate, a self-taught beginner programmer or fresh from a coding boot camp, the opportunities for an entry level coding job is endless.


What Are Entry Level Programming Jobs?


Entry level programmer jobs are required everywhere and in every industry.


Not all roles are fundamentally the same, although there can be overlapping qualities or skills required.


Also known as an Entry level coding job, it is a role where you would generally be conducting trial runs for new software, utilizing engineering principles, translating data into performance, collaborating with others on code and working on the development of new programs.


10 Entry Level Programming Jobs For Beginners


1) Junior Web Developer


Entry level web developer jobs varies but are not limited to website creation, enhancing UX & UI and updating previous web applications.


Their job includes testing, coding, making adjustments, design, and client reviews.

  • Skills: Javascript, CSS, HTML, Web Content, Jquery, PHP, GIT, Ajax, JSON, Python.
  • Salary: $51,661


2) Junior Web Designer


A junior Web Designer performs all visual designs from the creation of the concept to the final hand-off and then to engineering.


Junior web designers are also responsible for creating and maintaining website designs, implement design guidelines, industry standards, and web design best practices.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe, Figma
  • Salary: $43,849 – $59,672


A circuit board with codes signifying the data aspect of tech jobs which are also considered entry level programming jobs or even an entry level coding job.
Data analysts may not sound like they belong to a list of entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job but they are with fundamental understanding of SQL, Python and R.


3) Data Analyst


Data analysts’ main responsibilities include design, analysis and maintenance of data systems and databases.


Their job includes fixing coding errors and similar data-related problems. They also prepare reports needed by departments to effectively communicate patterns, trends, and market predictions.

  • Skills: SQL, Python, R
  • Salary: $66,477


4) Associate Software Developer


Associate Software Developers are one of the many type of Developers to execute the finer side of unit testing on all related software for quality assurance.


They also maintain mastery of the latest technology and frameworks and prepare codes on software design.


They prepare all needed technical design documents to guarantee a seamless implementation of all products and activities.

  • Skills: GIT, Java, Linux, Python, C++
  • Salary: $81,058


5) Content Marketing Manager


Content Marketing Managers are responsible for increasing web traffic and brand awareness.


They create shareable content, as well as distribute content across multiple platforms, and measuring results.


Often, the job requires implementing SEO best practices, identifying which platform is suited for particular content, creating and implementation of marketing strategies.

  • Skills: PERL, Python, Bash, HTML, SQL
  • Salary: $69, 015


6) Junior IT Specialist


They support each stage of a software cycle from planning to implementation.


Junior IT Specialists are responsible for the installation, configuration, service maintenance and repair of information technology systems.


This entry level coding job also includes identification, collecting, and organizing user and IT requirements.

  • Skills:
  • Salary: $52, 036


7) Digital Analyst


The main task of a digital analyst or an entry level analyst is to make sure that every vital information of the company’s digital assets are correct.


This involves analysis, reports, and dashboards. Digital analysts use CRM or customer relationship management tools when conducting data analysis.

  • Skills: Data Analytics, Google Analytics, Excel, Power BI, Tableau
  • Salary: $88,500


A group of colleagues discussing the top entry level programming jobs for coders and beginners.
Digital project management can be the perfect transition to entry level programming jobs for current Project Managers in non-technology related fields.


8) Digital Project Manager


The Digital Project Manager’s main task lies within the company’s online marketing strategies.


They operate under a budget implement the company’s web applications, identify opportunities, risks, create support documents, write detailed reports, plans, and digital marketing campaigns.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, Content Creation, Analytics, CRM, Social Media, FTP
  • Salary: $81,306


9) Web Editor


Web editors are responsible for creating, producing, and managing high-quality content.


Likewise, they also do editing, proofreading, suggesting, and regular checking of every content accuracy.

  • Skills: CSS and HTML
  • Salary: $54,393


10) CMS Manager


Last on our list of coding jobs from home include the role of a Content Manager.


A Content Manager aims to supervise the creation of different forms of content.


This is to ensure the credibility of the company.


They lead a team of creative professionals  whose job is to develop content strategies to promote products and services.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS
  • Salary: $78,602


Benefits Of Entry Level Programming Jobs


Coding skills have been increasing in demand over the last 20 years and it has become especially viral in the past decade.


But what are the benefits of having a career in coding?


Benefit #1: Remote Work


Coding is one of the highest-paid skills when it comes to working remotely thus, igniting the movement of code from home jobs.


An entry level coding job in the tech industry also allows you to choose between part-time or full-time jobs to suit your work-life balance if you need it.


A vast number of entry level programmer jobs are given the option to avoid coming into office by working from home instead.


This enables employees to work for any company worldwide from the comfort of their home office.


Thanks to several tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Basecamp, Slack, etc., the productivity of remote working has seen significant increases as compared to commuting to the office.


A man sitting by a lake and doing his work on his laptop illustrating the benefit of remote working after transitioning to entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job.
Other than career stability, a transition to entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job provides the ability to remote work instead of constant commute to the office.


Benefit #2: High salaries & growth demand


So, how much do coders make a year?


The sky-high salaries and increasing demand are two popular attributes that makes the technology sector such a lucrative career path.


A bar graph showing the salaries of Software Engineers who have worked past entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job.
Across the board, Software Engineers who have advanced past entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job can expect much higher salaries than their counterparts in other business functions.


Benefit #3: Work-life balance


What do day job for coders look like?


Concerning work-life balance, programming and coding can be done anywhere as long as you have proper time management.


That’s why software developers and engineers have more control over their schedules and lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a work from home programming job that allows you to do other things that you love, transitioning into tech jobs could be your next best career decision.


A woman doing yoga on a pink yoga mat illustrating the work-life balance that entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job can offer you.
With time management, entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job can potentially free you from desk-bound obligations and allow you to schedule things that are important to you around your job.


How Do You Get Entry Level Programming Jobs With No Experience Needed?


The programming industry is one of the best choices to consider if you’re looking for no experience entry level jobs in order to kickstart your coding career path.


Likewise, it’s one of the few career paths within the tech space that offer accelerated entry points.


Method: Coding boot camps can accelerate your career transition with job placements


The fastest way to land a programming entry level job are through coding boot camps thanks to the combined speed and accessibility that aspiring programmers can access to land a high-paying job in the tech industry.


Employers also view coding boot camps as their quickest way to fill the shortage for tech talents that there are.


Furthermore, coding bootcamps offer flexibility, accessibility, affordability, multiple payment options, and most importantly, practical skills for your portfolio.


Entry Level IT Jobs & Their Salaries


A graph showing the salaries for European Software Developers from entry level programming jobs to advanced developers.
At even less than a year, entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job can provide you with a greater income as compared to other non-tech roles.


Do you want to know how much coders in entry-level programming jobs make?


Salary is one of the best motivators for a career change. So, let’s get down to it.


The average salary of a computer programmer starts at around $52,000 a year.


Here’s the salary range for front-end developers salary in Europe:


Your ability to make more money as a programmer depends on your experience, portfolio and ability to solve problems for your company.


As your skills develop and you learn how to become a better Software Developer, your portfolio of projects under your belt increases and it builds your credibility, and marketability.


So, make sure to gain as much experience as you can.


What should entry level programmers know?


Finding jobs can be tough and especially so, when there is heavy competition.


What do you need to know to consistently land entry level programming jobs and have recruiters banging on your door?


1) No matter the role, you have to remember that coding and programming are the building blocks for a wide range of creative solutions that you can provide.


2) Your online portfolio is critical in establishing your credibility. Employers want to see what you can do, not what you necessarily know.


3) Age and background is not an issue. Problem-solving, critical thinking, being able to learn, grow, and adapt, effective time management and interpersonal skills will take you far.


4) Coding bootcamps, coding courses and mentorships can accelerate your career faster than you can imagine.


With the right direction, strategy and guidance, transitioning into entry level programming jobs or an entry level coding job can become a quick reality for anyone despite your background or age.


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