Upon observing dozens of amazon resume, an Amazon recruiter disclosed that the ideal Amazon resume is achievement-based.

Through an achievement-based resume, you can efficiently illustrate how your skills contributed to outstanding outcomes.

And this would lead to attracting the attention of recruiters.

Successful Amazon Resume

A successful Amazon resume highlights:

  • Your skillsets
  • Your efforts in career growth
  • And how culturally fit you are for the role

After scanning through various winning Amazon resume samples, we have gathered the above three winning highlights that should be a part of your Amazon resume.


a laptop with a screensaver of amazon representing an amazon resume to get you a job at Amazon
Your Amazon Resume should be achievement-based and identify your unique selling point.

What Should I Put On My Amazon Resume?

Recruiters are more likely to skim through your resume than read every word, so quantifying your accomplishments is a good strategy.

In doing so, you would be able to highlight how your prior experience resulted in substantial outcomes.

Tangible Results To Show Your Accomplishments

Quantifying your achievements requires no hard math.

You simply need to add numbers and percentages to portray the objective and your accomplished goal.

For example, you can mention how you achieved a sales increase of 15% in the last six months with a favorable rating from 94% of customers.

To ensure a smooth flow in your writing, you can add a summary to your Amazon resume.

It is proven to be an efficient technique for including numbers and highlighting your impressive accomplishments.

Progression In Your Career

Hirings managers look for applicants who have achieved promotions or progressed in their careers in the past year.

Progression represents that your abilities and skillsets are advanced enough to handle big jobs.

It establishes the applicant as an individual who is eager to take on new challenges, grab growth opportunities, and show how dedicated and engaged you are with your responsibilities.

Your resume for an Amazon job should include promotions over the past few months and your growth from a junior to a senior position.

These should consist of the responsibilities you took upon yourself while working under the respective title.

Even if you don’t have a promotion to show, you can mention the responsibilities you were entrusted with or took over beside the ones under your job description.

However, your emphasis should remain on your achievements and how you progressed, improved your skills, or over-achieved while working under a specific job title.

Define The Scope Of Your Business

Your Amazon resume should not leave anything to be assumed.

While recruiters may be familiar with the scope of your business, it is ideal to provide descriptions of it underneath your company title.

Your description should include an introduction to the industry/company, the products or services provided, the required skillsets, and how you fall under the category.

You should also define the scope of your business under any previous job listed, the projects you have completed, volunteer work, or any other professional experience.

In doing so, you will be able to emphasize your expertise and abilities.

Best practices enable your Amazon resume to ensure that your potential employer is confident that you have the right skills and sufficient experience to fulfill any tasks and outshine company expectations.

Amazon Resume Tips

A resume for an Amazon job might seem like an intimidating task. However, the simpler you keep your resume, the more likely you will get selected.

To further enhance your Amazon resume, you should ensure the following:

Identify Your Unique Value

Your resume will communicate all the recruiter needs to know regarding your job-relevant, practical experience.

What you should highlight is what you offer as a unique individual. The chances are that whatever skills you have written on your resume, so has the next candidate.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on unique skills that can act as additional benefits of hiring you as an Amazon employee so that you may stand out.

Simplify Your Amazon Resume

While colors and fonts look aesthetically pleasing, a simple resume seems more professional.

It doesn’t overstimulate the recruiter and allows the focus to remain on your skills and abilities.

Write-In Reverse Chronology

Your resume should start from your most recent accomplishments to the years before.

Again, the use of reverse chronology helps because your recruiter will focus on skills you have recently mastered before they focus on skills you learned a while ago.

Keep Your Amazon Resume Recent And Relevant

Individuals with many years of experience will have a long list of skills and experiences.

However, it will prove more beneficial to mention recent and relevant jobs from prior years.

If your resume falls short, you should include experiences or jobs that you believe will help focus on skills relevant to your current job position.

However, don’t pick and choose.

A recruiter would want a whole picture of your professional life, so keep the irrelevant experiences in the resume, but keep them short and summarized.

Amazon Resume: How Long Are They?

There is no perfect answer; it depends on how long your experience has been and how efficiently you can sum it up in your resume.

Perhaps the biggest mystery in the job application process is the length of the resume.

Many recruiters claim that a one-page resume is a perfect length, but that might not always be the case.

A resume communicates your experience and skills, especially those relevant to your desired job.

A one-page resume might not be sufficient to include all that is required.

If your experience is beyond 5-10 years, you are more likely to have completed freelance projects, volunteer work, or gained more experience outside of your company job.

In that case, describing your skillsets under each category can take 2-3 pages.

No doubt that this can be excessive, but if your resume includes only the relevant experience with no lengthy details of your job descriptions, it might be the perfect length.

A great Amazon resume tip ensures that irrelevant job experience is summarized.

Any job experience that is not relevant to the current job position you are applying for should be described minimally with as few words as possible.

By doing so, you can highlight relevant expertise while maintaining a reasonable resume length.

We have noticed no specified number of pages in many Amazon resume templates. So, to answer your question, relevance is critical!

However, if your experience extends beyond ten years, a multi-page resume will make the right impression.

Amazon Resume Keywords: Choosing the Right Ones

While technology has helped us discover the key to establishing a shiny resume, it has also helped recruiters simplify their hiring process.

Since Amazon receives thousands of applications daily, they use an automated screening system that filters out the resumes that fulfill their requirements.

This is called an Applicant Tracking System.

This is where the recruiter fills in specific keywords that are analyzed in your resume before allowing it to pass through.

These keywords may include their company lingo, job requirements, or specific skills for which they are on the lookout.

In addition, particular details should be included in your Amazon resume, such as your:


  • Abilities
  • Qualifications
  • Relevant achievements
  • Past experiences
  • Employers

A company like Amazon would want to hire an individual who is comfortable with failure.

Who is confident in their abilities yet humble. And can implement their logical and analytical thinking.

To highlight these traits in your resume, you would want to include words that describe these capabilities.

Including the company, the lingo can also act as a grandstander since it will show your familiarity with the company.

This can also make you a candidate who will easily fit into its culture.

A successful Amazon resume should include the following keywords:

– Go-to-market strategy
– Go-to-market
– Conversions
– Strategic
– Target vs. Actual
– Analytics
– Data analysis
– Process improvement
– P/L Management (profit and loss)
– Built/designed/launched/developed

After analyzing thousands of winning Amazon resumes, these keywords have been picked out and will help you get past the ATS software.

Besides these, you can also include keywords specific to the job you are applying for. This is so that they can match and highlight the skills on your resume.

How To Include Keywords In Your Amazon Resume?

While using keywords is the most successful Amazon resume tip, you need to ensure that they do not seem forced.

To maintain the smooth reading of the content, here’s how you can do that:

Be Specific With Your Keywords

Before applying for a job, understand the skills, requirements, and responsibilities that fall under it.

Hence, including keywords closely related to your job description is an excellent way of getting ATS software to pick up your resume.

Use keywords that describe the skills and are focused and job-specific.

Relate Keywords To Company Value And Description

The Amazon software keeps a lookout for the keywords suggested above.

Similarly, knowing what sets Amazon apart from its competitors can help you understand the company values and correlate your keywords accordingly.

Moreover, there are specific phrases or words that Amazon tends to use to use to describe its company.

By going through company profiles, you can pick up on these words either through employee pages or through valued members of Amazon.

Mix Up The Keywords

Now that you understand what keywords you should include, you can mix various to get the job done.

These may consist of skills (hard and soft), buzzwords, industry slang, company slang, and many more.

Include Multiple Keywords Multiple Times

Repetition of the same keyword might seem redundant, so we suggest making a whole list.

The Amazon keywords mentioned before are a great example of a keyword list.

As an applicant, you should include various keywords multiple times throughout the text. Wherever the keyword seems to be fitting in naturally, add it in!

By doing so, you will maintain a smooth reading experience.

While equipping it with the right keywords to pass through the ATS software effortlessly.

Include Amazon Keywords Everywhere

The ATS software is more likely to pick up your resume if it includes several keywords.

Therefore, while writing your resume, try to include keywords throughout the different sections.

Add all appropriate keywords in your summary statement, skills, or past job descriptions.

To further enhance your chances, keywords can also be a part of your cover letter.

What type of resume does Amazon like?

Amazon and other large organizations like achievement-based resumes that require you to quantify your results with clear percentages, show career progression, and to clearly define your scope of expertise.

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