Choosing the best CFA prep course within the CFA prep industry is not an easy task.

As a lucrative and high-income skill, the Chartered Financial Analyst exam by the CFA Institute is arguably one of the most prestigious financial certifications that you can attain in your journey to conquering financial knowledge.

With a pass rate of less than 40%, you’d want only the best CFA study materials to ensure you’re able to succeed easily.

In this article, I reviewed the best CFA prep courses and best CFA study materials to rank four of the best CFA curriculums available for you to fit your learning style and budget.

What Are The Best CFA Prep Courses & Study Materials?

  1. Best Overall: Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review 

  2. Best For Pass Assurance: Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review

  3. Best For Budget: Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Bootcamp By 365 Careers

  4. Best For Reputation: Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep By Kaplan Schweser

1. Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review

Overall Best CFA Prep Course ($645 – $995)

Homepage of Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review, the best CFA prep course


Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review is a must-try for aspiring charter holders. With over 200 years of experience in training CFA candidates, Wiley has successfully guided millions of students toward their CFA goals. 

Wiley’s high-quality education rivals Ivy League universities, making their curriculum an indispensable resource for CFA exam success. It’s a trusted and proven choice for those seeking top-tier CFA preparation.

Highlights & Features

Overview of Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review

Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review boasts an outstanding CFA program curriculum of:

  • 4500+ Exam-Style Practice Questions: To ensure that you get familiarized with every possible topic and sub-topic that can be tested

  • 90+ Hours Of Video Lectures: Highly accredited CFA® Subject Matter experts who ensure you learn key concepts in heavily weighted exam topics across all subject areas.

  • Expert 1:1 Mentoring In 48 Hours: Get access to highly accredited CFA® Program experts who provide professional 1:1 mentoring and reply to all exam-related questions within 48 hours.

  • 2 Full-Length Mock Exams: Overcome exam anxiety with a clear mind as you sit through the exact exam experience twice

  • Mobile App Convenience: Never miss a study opportunity, wherever you are, with Wiley’s mobile application designed to ensure the complete desktop learning experience, which will be optimized for your phone

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited online and offline access to study resources until you successfully pass the CFA exam.


Pricing Of Wiley's CFA Program Exam Review

Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review offers flexible pricing options. From a starting price point of $645, you can avail of the standalone self-study course, which includes resources like questions and two mock exams. 

For approximately $995, you can access live online or video instruction, with email support from instructors and supplementary materials like flashcards. At $1,395, a comprehensive review course is available, offering online classes, mock exams, and prep books.

Bottom Line

Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review is a real game-changer in the CFA field, with an astonishing pass rate of 90% and an extensive library of study materials.

The unlimited study resource access, helpful student community, and short yet informative videos from experts make passing your CFA an extremely high possibility. It’s undeniably one of the best CFA prep courses online, offering a winning formula for success.

2. Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review

Overview of Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review as the best CFA prep course


The Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review is thoughtfully designed to optimize your CFA exam preparation. The Princeton Review CFA program is known for its efficient study approach, with 120 total study hours compared to the 300 hours often required by others. 

Princeton Review caters to diverse learning styles and busy schedules. The course lets you access expert inputs from professors, CFA charter holders, and financial professionals, ensuring top-notch instruction and insights for aspiring candidates.

Highlights & Features

Features of the best CFA prep course, Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review

Here are some of Princeton Review’s most attractive offers you should consider:

  • 3000+ Practice Questions: A vast directory of practice questions with detailed solutions and test score analytics keeps your learning on track.

  • 900 Study Notes: Comprehensive study notes where you have access to 900 concise study note slides and 50 key definition flashcards, providing a thorough yet succinct review.

  • 50 Hours Of Video Content By Experts: With 50 hours of expert-crafted video content, you can learn at your own pace and style.

  • 6 Realistic Mock Exams: Multiple mock exams simulate the actual CFA test experience, enhancing your preparedness.

  • Pass Assurance: Feel assured and confident to pass the exam, backed by a money-back guarantee, ensuring you’re ready to succeed. 


The Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review offers accessible pricing options, currently discounted at $599 for levels one and three and $499 for level 4, down from the regular price of $799. 

All courses have money-back guarantees with a 7-day free trial. Plus, you can hire experienced teachers for private tutoring sessions for $200 an hour. They also let you extend courses if you can’t complete the program within the given timeframe.

Bottom Line

I found the pass assurance by the Level I CFA® Program Essential Course By Princeton Review to be an incredible offer that is hard to ignore.

For a program that is willing to offer pass assurance for the CFA exam, it is extremely confident of what it can deliver, and it can be considered a no-brainer and no-money loss for an aspiring CFA holder.

3. Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Bootcamp by 365 Careers


Overview of Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Bootcamp by 365 Careers as the best CFA prep courses

The Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Bootcamp by 365 Careers is a perfect starting point for everyone who desires a career in finance. 

As a leading instructor in Udemy, 365 Careers offers an engaging course that serves as your roadmap for CFA Level I exam preparation.

The comprehensive program covers essential topics such as ethics, quantitative methods, corporate finance, and economics, providing a solid foundation in key business and finance disciplines.

Highlights & Features

Here are a few learning highlights I discovered while trying 365 Degrees’ Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Boot Camp:

  • Extensive Content: With 26 hours of video lectures, you get comprehensive coverage of CFA Level 1 topics, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the actual exam.

  • Rich Learning Materials: Benefit from 373 lectures, 38 articles, 55 downloadable resources, and practice questions that enhance your understanding of key business and finance disciplines.

  • Flexible Learning: Access the course on mobile and TV, allowing you to study whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy full access to the course materials, ensuring you can revisit and review them whenever needed.

  • Certification: Upon completion, you receive a certificate, validating your accomplishment and commitment to advancing your finance and investment management knowledge.


The Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Bootcamp by 365 Careers offers an exceptional learning experience at an affordable price of only $137.

Plus, you have the security of a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment in your future.

Bottom Line

Udemy has a reputable history in delivering online courses, and the 3,126 reviews from the Level 1 CFA® Exam Prep Boot Camp definitely earns my spot as one of the best CFA prep courses.

Carefully crafted, it takes students on a well-structured journey, simplifying complex concepts with animations and clear explanations and is a fantastic resource for gaining invaluable theoretical insights and practical knowledge.

4. Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep By Kaplan Schweser


Overview of Kaplan Schweser's CFA® Exam Prep as your best CFA prep course

Kaplan Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep is a time-tested and trusted choice for CFA candidates.

With over 30 years of experience preparing students for the CFA exam, Kaplan Schweser stands out among other companies for CFA one, two, and three.

Their program includes excellent video lessons, live classes, robust practice exams, and renowned SchweserNotes. The Kaplan CFA Review Course is a well-rounded and reliable resource for those aiming to excel in their CFA exam preparations.


Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep By Kaplan Schweser offers a wealth of standout features:

  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between 15-week Live Online classes or OnDemand workbooks and lecture guides, allowing you to match your study time with your schedule.

  • Blended Resources: Access a wide range of study tools, including print, online forums, and mobile resources, ensuring a seamless learning experience across different platforms.

  • SchweserNotes: Benefit from a comprehensive five-volume set of study notes covering the entire curriculum, complete with practice tests, mock exams, and quizzes.

  • Pass Protection Guarantee: Rest easy knowing that Kaplan Schweser stands by you. If you need to re-sit your exam, they’ll cover the entire cost of your exam preparation.

  • Personalized Study Plans: With three levels of Kaplan Schweser CFA courses, you can create a study plan that adapts to your unique learning style and needs, ensuring your exam success.


Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep By Kaplan Schweser offers five package options for three exam levels. These packages include hours of video lectures, comprehensive prep materials, essential study tools, and mock exams for performance tracking.

You can choose from the Basic package at $329, the Essential package at $699, the Premium package at $999, the Premium Plus at $1,299, or the Ultimate package at $1,399.

Bottom Line

With decades of proven excellence, Schweser’s CFA® Exam Prep By Kaplan Schweser is a real contender for the best CFA prep course. 

It offers a rich blend of learning resources and flexible options that accommodate every student’s study schedule and budget. It’s an excellent online course if you’re looking for a comprehensive CFA exam preparation journey.

What Is A CFA Prep Course?

A CFA prep course is a structured program designed to help candidates prepare for the challenging Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.

The best CFA prep course provides comprehensive learning tools, practice questions, and expert instruction to enhance understanding of finance and increase the likelihood of passing these rigorous examinations.

My Final Take

When choosing the best exam prep providers, it’s crucial to consider your learning style and budget.

Each course I reviewed above offers unique strengths and resources, making them outstanding choices for aspiring CFA candidates.

What Is The Best CFA Prep Course?

With its immensely high pass rate, I’d recommend Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review as the top-tier CFA preparation for any aspiring CFA chartered holder.


Still deciding on the best CFA prep course for you? Let my FAQ’s help.

From my research, the best prep course for CFA I goes to Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review with their 90% pass rate, 4500+ practice questions, 90 hours of video lectures, 2 mock-up exams, mobile app and expert 1:1 mentoring.

Wiley’s CFA Program Exam Review is the better option for your CFA exam as Wiley costs considerably lesser while offering 1:1 expert mentorship and a mobile application to study on the go.

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