In today’s data-driven world, selecting the best data analytics courses can quickly put you on the most lucrative career path, leading to increased income and employment opportunities.

The value of the big data analytics market is expected to more than double by 2029, leading to 655 billion US dollars.

This exponential increase highlights the need for qualified data analysts who are able to transform data into business intelligence, which leads to better business decision-making and revenue.

As the need for data analysts continues to grow in the coming years, data skills are not only reserved for data professionals but all employees as well.

With almost every job role having to deal with data in one form or another, organizations are demanding that data skills are a prerequisite – even for non-data professional roles.

In this article, I’ve listed the best data analytics courses and certifications to help anyone, despite of their background, get started in the lucrative field of data analytics.

What Are The Best Data Analytics Courses and Certification Programs In 2024?

  1. Best Overall: Data Analyst NanoDegree by Udacity

  2. Best For Budget: The Data Analysis Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp

  3. Best For R Programming: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

  4. Best For Beginners: IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

1. Data Analyst NanoDegree By Udacity

Overall Best Data Analytics Course ($332/month For 3 Months)

Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity as the overall best data analytics course


The Data Analyst NanoDegree by Udacity is a fantastic offering from this leading online learning platform, known for its tech-related courses.

The course utilizes interactive learning elements like visuals, video lectures, quizzes, and puzzles to make learning engaging and effective. It also uses a project-based teaching approach, giving students real-world and hands-on project experience to build their skills and resumes.

Highlights & Features

Courses in Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity

Here are five benefits of enrolling in The Data Analyst NanoDegree by Udacity:

  • 6 Comprehensive Courses: This program covers a wide range of data analysis skills, focusing on solving real-world data-driven problems from data analysis and data manipulation to advanced data wrangling and data visualization. It also includes practical topics crucial for data analyst roles.

  • 5 Practical Projects: Dive into five practical projects that involve data extraction, investigation, analysis, manipulation, and effective communication of your findings.

  • Diverse Data Tools: Acquire dozens of skills, from data analysis using Numpy and Pandas to advanced data wrangling and visualization with Seaborn and Matplotlib.

  • BONUS Career Support: Udacity professionals will assist in crafting your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and enhancing your GitHub presence to help you land your dream job.

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from seasoned experts with years of practical experience in the field. You’ll receive valuable feedback from mentors, enhancing your learning journey.

Course Pricing

Pricing of Data Analyst Nanodegree by Udacity

The Data Analyst NanoDegree by Udacity offers flexibility in pricing with a monthly subscription for as long or as little as you need.

As the course only requires 3 months to complete, you only need to pay $332 per month, which adds up to $996 for 3 months.

My Take

If you’re looking for the quickest way to switch to the data analytics career track, Udacity’s Nanodegree combines the fundamentals, advanced and practical skills together with concise lectures, making it one of the best and most reputable data analytics courses that is on the market.

It’s beginner-friendly, although you’ll need a basic understanding of programming languages.

The course is particularly helpful in learning data manipulation strategies with challenging resume-building projects. So, if you’re to roll up your sleeves for some coding, this program might be what you’re looking for.

2. The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp

The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp as one of the best data analytics courses

Course Overview

The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp is a top-notch offering by a leading Udemy instructor, 365 Careers.

With 11,000+ reviews and 92,000+ students, this comprehensive course’s meticulous design will prepare you for any data analyst position.

The course will equip you with fundamental and advanced skills in programming languages, particularly Python. In enrolling, you’ll acquire an in-depth understanding of the data analyst role and with real-world exercises, ensuring the most practical learning experience.

Feature Highlights

The Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp, known for its exceptional features, caters to beginners with:

  • 276 Lectures: With 276 lectures across 27 sections and totaling 21 hours, get all the training on every area of data analytics available

  • 211 Coding Exercises: You’ll master programming languages through hands-on experience and 200+ coding exercises, reinforcing your programming skills effectively.

  • 143 Downloadable Resources: Access a wealth of resources that you can keep lifelong

  • In-Demand Data Skills: The course covers crucial data skills such as data collection, cleaning, reprocessing, analyzing data, and visualization, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle real-world data challenges.

  • Certificate of Completion: Validate your knowledge to your employers with a data analytics certification of completion, signifying your expertise and dedication to improving your data analysis skills

Course Pricing

Known for its budget-friendly pricing, the Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp is priced at just $129.99 and offers lifetime access to its comprehensive content.

Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

My Take

The Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp offers an extensive video collection and downloadable resources at a budget-friendly price.

Furthermore, with it’s tens of thousands of satisfied students, I knew that this was a no-brainer decision for any aspiring data analyst to begin their journey with.

3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Overview of Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Coursera

Course Overview

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is an outstanding offering among Google’s array of courses.

With 1.8 Million students enrolled, 122,000+ reviews, and 4.8 stars on Coursera, it is a highly-rated program that aims to equip you with essential skills and make you job-ready in less than six months.

Along with eight comprehensive modules, it covers everything from understanding how to analyze data, data visualization, data models, and presenting it for making informed business decisions.

Feature Highlights

Features of Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Coursera

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate offers several standout features perfect for beginners:

  • Extensive Learning: Gain a deep understanding of data analytics practices and processes, covering vital analytical skills like data cleaning, analysis, and visualization tools.

  • R Programming Focus: Instead of Python, this program teaches the open-source R language ideal for statistical analysis learning and with powerful libraries for data experimentation and exploration.

  • Tool Mastery: Master essential data analysis tools, including spreadsheets, SQL, programming languages, and Tableau, for effective data manipulation and presentation.

  • Expansive Skill Set: You’ll learn about analytics tools, data ethics, collection, aggregation, and calculation, ensuring a well-rounded data analyst education.

  • Real-World Insights: Discover valuable insights into real-world case studies, helping you build portfolios and navigate the competitive data analyst job market.

Course Pricing

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate offers a great path to becoming an analytics expert.

Priced at just $49 per month, you can access 174 hours of quality learning content over six months. 

My Take

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate isn’t only affordable and flexible. It also requires no prior experience, knowledge, or qualifications, making it perfect for complete beginners looking to start a career in data analysis from scratch. 

With a hands-on learning approach and comprehensive coverage of essential subjects, it provides a solid foundation for anyone eager to dive into the field.

4. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Overview of IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate by Coursera

Course Overview

Any list of data analytics courses isn’t complete without mentioning the IBM Data Professional Analyst Certification.

As a trusted name in the tech industry, IBM offers a 4-month course designed for beginners with no prior data analysis experience.

Delivered by IBM professionals and with 168,000+ students enrolled and 15,000+ reviews, this online curriculum is rich in high-quality resources and practical exercises, making it an excellent choice for those desiring a data and statistical analysis career.

Feature Highlights

Below are the advantages you can expect after enrolling in the IBM Data Analyst Course:

  • Expert-Led Training: Receive professional-level training from IBM experts, including data scientists and analyzers, ensuring you learn the latest skills and tools in the field.

  • Career Advancement: Earn an employee-recognized IBM certificate, valuable for various positions, such as data, associate, and business analyst, enhancing your career growth potential.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore extensive course content covering SQL database management, Excel for data analysis, data visualization, data modeling, and Python data analysis.

  • Practical Capstone Project: Solve real-world problems using Python and data analytics skills through the IBM capstone project, gaining valuable real-world experience.

  • Exclusive Career Resources: Access soft skill training and interview preparation tools and receive feedback to enhance your resume, setting you up for a successful career.

Course Pricing

Features of IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate by Coursera

The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate offers flexible pricing for aspiring data analysts.

With a monthly subscription cost of $39, you can work through the course at your own pace. The estimated completion time is six months, totaling $234.

My Take

The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate is ideal for those seeking affordable, world-class data analyst certification.

Its emphasis on fundamental analytic skills that make you job-ready makes it worth every penny.

It’s undoubtedly a legitimate contender for one of the best data analytics courses globally, offering beginners and intermediate data analysts an accessible path to a promising career.

Is A Data Analytics Course Worth Pursuing?

Yes. With organizations prioritizing data-driven analytics in their decision-making, data analytics is quickly becoming a high-income skill that is worth pursuing if you’re passionate about data and change.

With increasing demand, the best data analytics courses I’ve reviewed above can help you achieve your career goals quickly.

Final Words

There is a well-known modern saying that ‘Data Is The New Gold.’ This sentence should signify the importance of data in our current technology-filled landscape.

With data skills, although the role of a data analyst may not be the easiest role out there due to the stresses of dealing with complex data, we are empowering ourselves to be adaptable to the future of business and the future of careers.

The best data analytics courses I’ve listed above will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in our evolving economy.


Still deciding on the best data analytics courses? Let my FAQ’s help.

Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree offers 6 practical courses, 5 practical projects and dozens of data tools and career support that will increase your breadth of knowledge while helping you quickly switch to a data analytics career track.

From my research, either Udacity or Coursera would the best place to start your data analytics journey. With both platforms being highly reputable and trusted, Udacity’s Nanodegree and Coursera’s Google-certified programs covers all the fundamentals and advanced data analytics knowledge you need.

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