Securing your dream job requires more than just technical expertise; it demands the best interview prep courses that can help you navigate the challenging interview process of today’s competitive job market.

This is true for both technical and non-technical roles, making the need for comprehensive interview preparation more crucial than ever. 

In this guide, I’ll spotlight the best interview prep courses of 2024, helping you succeed in both technical interviews and non-technical interviews.

By investing your time in these resources, you can respond to interview requests in the best manner, enhance your interviewing skills, tackle common interview questions with ease, and significantly boost your confidence.

Get ready to transform your interview preparation journey and take a giant leap towards your career goals.

What Are The Best Interview Prep Courses?

In today’s competitive job market, acing your interviews is crucial.

Let’s explore some of the best interview prep courses available:

  1. Overall Best Interview Prep Course: AlgoMonster: The Most Structured Way to Prepare for Coding Interviews
  2. Best For FAANG Companies: Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews
  3. Best For Non-Technical Interviews: FullbridgeX: Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills

1. AlgoMonster: The Most Structured Way to Prepare for Coding Interviews

Overall Best Interview Prep Course ($25/month or $79/year)

homepage of algomonster as the best coding interview preparation courses


In the rapidly advancing tech landscape, mere coding skills aren’t sufficient.

AlgoMonster offers a comprehensive toolkit and immersive experience, preparing candidates to confidently face technical interviews and address real-world challenges.

AlgoMonster isn’t another interview prep platform; it’s an experience. This innovative platform has been designed with one primary goal: to ensure candidates excel with technical interview preparation. 

With a user-centric approach, it centers around equipping learners with the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle even the most challenging coding problems.

Top Features

features of algomonster to practice coding interview questions

AlgoMonster brings forward a set of distinguishing features, such as:

  • Structured Learning Pathway: Unlike other platforms that offer scattered resources, AlgoMonster provides a systematic progression, guiding learners from basics to advanced topics. This approach ensures that learners grasp foundational concepts before moving on to more intricate challenges.

  • Time-efficient Preparation: AlgoMonster acknowledges that every candidate’s time is precious. Therefore, its curriculum is designed to impart the most knowledge in the shortest amount of time. It cuts down on redundant topics and zeros in on the crux of what interviewers are looking for.

  • Confidence-building Tools: More than knowledge, confidence plays a pivotal role in interview success. With features like mock interview setups and time-tracked challenges, AlgoMonster ensures that candidates aren’t just prepared, they’re confident.

  • Practical and Relevant Content: The platform’s content is updated regularly, ensuring that the coding problems are reflective of current industry standards and interview trends. By practicing on AlgoMonster, candidates can be assured they’re prepping for the questions they’ll actually face.

  • Emphasis on Pattern Recognition: One of AlgoMonster’s standout features is its focus on pattern recognition. By recognizing patterns, candidates can tackle a multitude of questions with a single strategy, reducing the stress of memorizing multiple solutions.


pricing of algomonster's interview prep program

AlgoMonster currently offers two primary pricing options:

  • Monthly Subscription: At $24.99, candidates can access all resources for a month. This also includes regular updates and any new content added during the subscription period.

  • Yearly Access: For those looking for a long-term investment, AlgoMonster offers a yearly payment option of $79. This gives candidates unlimited access to the platform’s resources for 1-year, making it a great deal.

Bottom Line

additional features of Algomonster's best interview course

AlgoMonster shines brightest for individuals who thrive on structure and methodology.

If you’re an aspirant who wishes to methodically tackle coding interviews or a seasoned coder looking for a refresher, AlgoMonster is your best bet. 

It’s more than just a course; it’s a comprehensive tool to catapult your career in tech. And with its pocket-friendly pricing, there’s no reason not to dive in and get started.

2. Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews

Best For FAANG Companies ($89)

homepage of the best interview preparation course on Udemy


Mastering the coding interview is like decoding a complex algorithm—intricate but not impossible.

As you stand at the threshold of big tech giants, Master The Coding Interview serves as the decryption key to their interviewing enigma.

With 54,000+ students having taken the course on Udemy, navigating the complex landscape of coding interviews with elite companies such as Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Netflix becomes easier as you progress in this course. 

Offering meticulously structured content, it guides learners through an exhaustive step-by-step process. 

From foundational concepts to intricate problems, participants are guaranteed a comprehensive preparation, instilling both knowledge and confidence for these high-profile interviews.

Top Features

With a rich curriculum tailored for success, here are the standout features of this course:

  • Complete Coverage: Not just limited to one or two, but it covers the actual interview formats of leading tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Netflix.

  • In-depth Guidance: Ever felt lost in an interview? This course offers step-by-step instructions on common questions and, crucially, how to optimize and present them confidently.

  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond just job interview courses, it sharpens your programming acumen. Understand and use the right Data Structures and Algorithms, ensuring your solutions are always optimal.

  • Ultimate Preparation Resource: This coding interview course positions itself as your definitive one-stop shop, encompassing all the essentials required to prepare for coding, data structures and algorithms, practice tests, or programming interviews.

  • Tailored Framework: Instead of pushing rote memorization, the course emphasizes understanding the core principles of interview questions, enabling learners to identify patterns and develop a versatile problem-solving framework.


This coding interview preparation course is going for $89.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to ace your tech interviews, improve your whiteboard coding skills or simply wish to become a better developer, Master The Coding Interview is your best choice. 

With its comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, you’re not just preparing for an interview but embarking on a journey to refine your coding skills. Why wait? Bonus: there’s a free trial to get you started! 

3. FullbridgeX: Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills

Best For Non Technical Interviews ($189)

homepage of the best interview course on EDX


Navigating the job market requires more than qualifications; it demands distinction.

FullbridgeX delivers a specialized course focused on elevating your resume, enhancing networking tactics, and mastering interviews.

Your professional expertise is an asset, one that deserves to be showcased in the best light.

However, many often find themselves at a loss when it comes to packaging their skills attractively for potential employers.

FullbridgeX’s is one of the best interview prep courses to address this gap.

Designed over a span of three weeks, with the flexibility of self-paced learning, it guarantees you’ll have not just a polished resume but also the confidence to network and interview like a pro.

Top Features

features of EDX's interview course

When you immerse yourself in the FullbridgeX experience, you’re opening doors to a multitude of benefits that reshape your professional journey:

  • Customizable Resumes: As recruiters spend mere seconds scanning a resume, how do you ensure yours grabs attention? FullbridgeX guides you in constructing resumes, cover letters, and other crucial supplements that resonate with diverse professional opportunities. Every word and every format choice is deliberate and impactful.

  • Professional Online Presence: Your digital footprint matters. With the rise of platforms like LinkedIn, having a professional profile that stands out is paramount. Learn how to curate and manage an online presence that becomes a beacon for opportunities, highlighting your strengths and achievements.

  • Strategic Networking: It’s often said, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” With FullbridgeX, you’ll understand the intricacies of expanding your network while ensuring that each connection holds value.

  • Master the Interview: An interview isn’t just a conversation; it’s a performance. FullbridgeX preps you to navigate diverse interview scenarios, providing insights into body language, and voice modulation, and addressing tricky questions with flair.

  • Post-Interview Protocol: The conversation doesn’t end when the interview does. Gain a deeper understanding of how to engage with interviewers post-meeting. Whether it’s sending a thank-you note or addressing further queries, you’ll be equipped to handle it all with grace.


Valuing quality education, FullbridgeX offers this holistic course at an accessible rate of $189

When you consider the doors it can open in your professional life, it’s evident that this is more than just a course; it’s an investment in your future.

Bottom Line

features of EDX career development program

FullbridgeX isn’t just another course; it’s a career catalyst. Ideal for both budding professionals and seasoned veterans looking for a refresh, it’s meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of career aspirations.

If you’re on the hunt for that dream job or aiming to ascend the corporate ladder, FullbridgeX promises the tools, techniques, and insights you need. 

Why Is It Important To Prepare For An Interview?

In the competitive job market, preparing for an interview is pivotal. It not only showcases your dedication and thoroughness but also positions you a cut above the rest. 

With the best interview prep courses, candidates can demonstrate their industry knowledge, convey professionalism, and significantly increase their chances of securing the desired role.

My Take

The modern job market is both an opportunity and a challenge.

This guide underscores the pivotal tools and the best interview prep courses to help you shine from the crowds.

By mastering resume crafting, optimizing networking techniques, and acing interviews, you’re setting the stage for unparalleled career success.

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