Want to know some of the best LinkedIn recommendation examples?

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform where you can connect with professionals from your industry. It also helps connect recruiters and hiring managers with potential employees.

Most hiring managers may even request your LinkedIn profile upfront during your preliminary interview process.

Your LinkedIn profile can showcase your abilities and talents in a professional spotlight.

But that’s not all; useful features such as LinkedIn recommendations also form an essential part of your profile.

What Is A LinkedIn Recommendation?

Before we delve into the best LinkedIn recommendation examples, what exactly is a LinkedIn recommendation?

Well, this feature allows your first connections on LinkedIn (or anyone you have worked with) to write a small testimonial of their experience working with you.

Think of it as a review of your past or current coworkers, managers, employees, etc.

Having recommendations on your LinkedIn can give your hiring manager a more personal insight into what you can bring to the table and why you may be a suitable candidate.

A personal account from people you have worked with will also highlight the skills you excel at.

You can request someone to write a recommendation for you. Most will be more willing to do so if you write one for them in return.

Moreover, by reading your genuine recommendations, your LinkedIn network will understand that you are the type of coworker who values others’ contributions and will be a witness to their accomplishments.

Anyone would want to hire you as a worker!


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LinkedIn recommendation examples or LinkedIn recommendation samples can be an important boost to your LinkedIn profile.

How Do I Write A Good Recommendation On LinkedIn?

Writing down a recommendation on LinkedIn may seem easy enough, but when you start typing, you might run out of words.

How to best write a genuine recommendation?

Your LinkedIn recommendation should include a few basic elements. Here is a brief rundown of what you should be adding:

Start by Adding A Captivating Opening Line

It should be something that hooks the reader to continue and read on the rest of the recommendation.

Try to avoid using generic starter sentences, e.g., “Tim is the best employee I have ever hired.” or “John is the best person I have ever met.”

Be more realistic and use your words well. For instance, you can instead write:

“I have met many people in my day-to-day operations, but only some leave a lasting mark, and one of them is Tim.”

Describe the relationship between the Two of You

Answer how did you come to know each other? This will make your recommendation more solid. For instance, you may add either of the following:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim for over two years at ABC Company and collaborated on a number of projects.”

“John and I collaborated on several campaigns during our time as coworkers at ABC Company.”


Add Some Stand-Out Traits of the Person

What made their work stand out enough that you are recommending them?

Don’t add the same generic skills; being talented, organized, and hardworking are all nice, but you need to be more specific.

Try to zone in on two crucial skills this person has that make them unique.

You can also add some personality traits here that you think was much needed in the workspace. For instance:

“Tim had some incredible time management skills and managed to keep everyone calm, yet productive, a real team leader.”

Add Your Ending Notes

Finish off with a recommending line:

“I would highly recommend John for any business looking for new talent.”

To better illustrate how you can do this, look at some of the best LinkedIn recommendations examples we have discussed below.

Colleague Best LinkedIn Recommendations Examples

Your colleagues are the people you interact with most at your workplace.

This is why recommendations from colleagues are incredibly important. Here is an excellent example of a recommendation for a colleague.

“I have had the pleasure of working with [name] on several projects while employed in [company]. He/she helped me get started and understand most of the internal processes.

His/her ability to [add skill] made it incredibly easy to work together during our collaboration; he/she would often go out of their way to give us the help we needed.

[Name] is an incredible team player, and I would recommend her/him to anyone looking to hire a [name position] and would love to work with them again.”

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Writing a LinkedIn recommendation template for different co-workers can be tricky.

Manager Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Recommendations for managers are a bit different. For them, you want to focus more on their leadership qualities and expertise. Here is a great example:

“Having worked with [name], I can safely say that he/she brings his/her best skills and abilities to the table as a manager. He/she always leads by example and has inspired us to perform our absolute best.

Other than being incredibly kind and always open to discussing new ideas and suggestions with the team, He/she was creative and hands-on and was our go-to person when we needed guidance.

I had the pleasure of learning a lot about leadership from [name]; he/she is an incredible mentor and would do great in any company they are employed.”

Great LinkedIn Recommendation Examples For Recruiters

What if you need to write a recommendation for a specific position, such as a recruiter? Here is a short example to illustrate how this can be done.

“[Name] was a great professional to work with at [company]. Their experience as a recruiter over the past [X] years and their expertise has helped us recruit some of the best talents on our team.

He/she is well versed in recruiting solutions and is well networked; I have had the pleasure of seeing them make even the toughest searches with ease. He/she took the time to get to know each candidate and was exceptionally effective at the job.

With his/her eye for talent, you will do well having him/her on your team. Would definitely recommend onboarding them as a recruiter.”


Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples For Peer

If you are looking to write a recommendation for someone from your team you worked with, here is a general idea of what you can add.

“[Name] and I worked together on several projects during our time at [company]. His/her deliveries were flawless and well-executed; he was an inspiration to us all.

We were able to coordinate on the most demanding projects, and he/she would always go the extra mile to quickly solve problems.

He/she truly knows how to help their peers and get the best out of them; I would definitely recommend working with [name].”


LinkedIn Recommendation For College Friend: Sample

How should you add a LinkedIn recommendation for people you have studied with, such as your college friends?

Here the focus should be on the projects you may have worked on and their soft skills, which many recruiters value. Here is an example,

“I have known [name] for over [X] years. We attended the same college, and I had the pleasure of taking a few classes with him/her.

During the course of our interaction, he/she proved himself/herself to be an exceptional learner, and their knowledge in [field] is extensive. He/she was always willing to offer help when you needed it.

A great colleague, someone I’d love to work with should I get the chance!”

LinkedIn Recommendation For Sales Person

Now, let’s consider that you have to write a recommendation for a salesperson you had or are currently working with. The focus here needs to be on their skill as a salesperson.

“[Name] was an incredibly talented and self-driven salesperson; we met during our employment at [company].

During our time together, he/she proved himself/herself to be a dedicated salesperson. He/she knows how to bring innovation to any sales strategy and helped us [list achievement].

I consider [name] to be a great mentor for me in my sales career and can thoroughly recommend him as a business salesperson for any organization.”

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples For Student

As a teacher, you might personally know students who have stood out.

Giving them a recommendation on LinkedIn may help them progress in their career. Here is a great example:

“[Name] is one of the rare undergraduates who stood out to me. I had the pleasure of overseeing two [subject] classes at [institution], [name] served as a reliable student, and was a pleasure to teach!

I have always been amazed by [name]’s ability to [add skill], he/she is incredibly organized, diligent, and a fast learner, quickly catching onto new concepts and sharing ideas of his/her own.

I am confident that [name] will have a bright future in his/her career of choice; he’ll/she’ll be a true asset to any employer.”

LinkedIn Recommendation For Boss

Now let’s move on to LinkedIn recommendations for previous bosses. Here is a general idea of something that may be fitting:

“[Name] is a perfect example of an active and helpful supervisor. I had the pleasure of being employed by [name] nearly [X] years ago at [company].

During my employment, I enjoyed working under his/her guidance and gained a lot of knowledge about [field]. He/she was incredibly knowledgeable and shared his/her expertise every step of the way.

Other than listening to us and responding to each question calmly; he/she was incredible at handling team conflicts.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with [name]; any workplace will find his/her dedication inspiring as I have.”

LinkedIn Recommendation Mistakes To Avoid

We have seen some incredible LinkedIn recommendation examples and have a general understanding of what your recommendation should include. But what mistakes should you be avoiding?

One mistake we often see is the use of LinkedIn recommendation generators.

LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

LinkedIn recommendation generators are available online, which may give you ideas of what to add, but these recommendations tend to be generic and overused.

For a killer recommendation, be as genuine as you can. An AI-generated recommendation can hardly cover the unique relationship you had with the individual.

Instead, use your own words and stick to your experience.

Look for the best in people, and you will find the right words come to you naturally.

Keep it short, be sure to mention their unique skills and add your very own personal recommendation.

How do I write a good LinkedIn recommendation?

Start by adding a captivating opening line followed by describing the relationship between yourself and the person whom you are writing for. Then, add some outstanding and unique traits that you know of the person and finally end off with a recommendation line.

What should I highlight in LinkedIn recommendations?

Always highlight unique and positive traits that the person had. Don’t add the same generic skills; being talented, organized, and hardworking are all nice, but you need to be more specific. Try to zone in on two crucial skills this person has that make them unique.

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