The best online proofreading courses can be your gateway to building a thriving proofreading business from the comfort of your home.

With the top proofreaders earning $119,000 and more, the importance of accurate content extends far beyond your typical social media and is critical to business writing across industries.

Whether you’ve always:

  • Had a knack for the English language
  • A sharp eye for correcting the spelling errors and grammatical errors of your peers around you
  • Or have always been simply intrigued by the art of flawless content

Becoming a freelance proofreader can be the profession suited for your skills. 

To help you start developing a proofreading profession or a freelance proofreading business, I’ve scoured the web, extracted and compiled the best online proofreading courses, their highlights, pricing, and my take on how they can benefit you.

What Are The Best Online Proofreading Courses?

The best online proofreading courses I’ve highlighted below offer a combination of comprehensive content, interactive learning resources, expert guidance, and practical exercises. 

  • Overall Best Proofreading Course: General Proofreading: Theory & Practice by ProofReadAnywhere

  • Best For 1-On-1 Support: The Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle by Knowadays

  • Best For Cost: Editing and Proofreading Masterclass (SkillShare)

1. General Proofreading: Theory & Practice by ProofReadAnywhere ($697 – $797)

Overall Best Proofreading Course

a screenshot of the online proofreading classes by general proofreading


General Proofreading: Theory & Practice” by ProofReadAnywhere tops my list as the best proofreading course designed to help you create a profitable freelance proofreading business

Developed by Caitlin Pyle in 2014, PoofReadAnywhere was developed to provide aspiring proofreaders with the exact step-by-step blueprint of how she developed a global and profitable freelance proofreading business.

Students will gain insights into what it takes to succeed in the field of proofreading, including understanding the critical eye and attention to detail required for error detection. 

The course also explores the various industries and companies that rely on the services of professional proofreaders, such as publishing houses, marketing agencies, and online content providers.


features of the online proofreading course by general proofreading
  • Lifetime Access to Extensive Content: Gain access to over 80 lessons spread across 13 comprehensive training modules, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever needed.

  • Ensure Your Knowledge Lasts: With 8 grammar-specific worksheets, 8 module quizzes, and 100-question detailed vocabulary quizzes, you get access to reinforce your proofreading skills and ensure your knowledge gained is not lost.

  • Get Extra Personal And Business Advice: With exclusive access to 4 bonus modules that cover mindset shifts, mindset mastery, and business taxes, you’ll be ready to overcome any obstacle on your freelance journey

  • Proofread For Any Industry: Learn how to sell your proofreading services to enhance the business of any client across any type of service-provider market

  • Engage in a Supportive Community: Join a thriving private community offering a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and seeking assistance from fellow learners and professionals in the field.


pricing of the online proofreading course by general proofreading

The General Proofreading: Theory & Practice course has two pricing options to choose from. 

  • The first option, Ignite, at $597, provides extensive training and resources, as well as access to a private community.

  • For those seeking additional benefits, the Ignite Plus package at $697 includes exclusive extras like a hand-graded exam and membership in a marketing mastermind group.

My Take 

General Proofreading: Theory & Practice is perfect for those starting a proofreading career or improving their skills, offering everything that you need to build a successful proofreading business with extensive resources, a supportive community, and lifetime access. 

2. The Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle by Knowadays

Best For 1-On-1 Support

benefits of the editing and proofreading course by Knowadays


The Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle by Knowadays is well-known for its CPD accreditation (Continuing Professional Development), which validates your time spent on the course and sets you apart from the job market competition.

Combining the training required to be a professional proofreader and professional editor into one program, it is designed to teach you the basics and, thereafter, progress your skills to a proficiency level with editing and proofreading strategies.

This bundle offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for individuals looking to refine their language skills and improve their proficiency in two critical aspects of the written word.

In the proofreading course, you’ll understand the nuances of proofreading and its vital role in ensuring clear and accurate content while mastering the art of:

  • Error detection

  • Intermediate grammar skills

  • Spelling, punctuation, and formatting

In the copy editing course, it delves into the creative process of enhancing and refining content. You’ll gain insights into:

  • Style

  • Consistency

  • And the overall flow of written material


features of the online proofreading classes and editing courses bundle by Knowadays
  • Get Globally Recognized: Upon completion, you will be accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development), enabling you to rise above your competition by enabling employers to recognize your commitment to your proofreading skills

  • Learn Everything You Need For Success: With 101 lessons spread across 22 modules, each lesson within the online course will improve your communication with clients and help you navigate freelance projects professionally and with confidence.

  • Get 1:1 Personal Guidance & Mentorship: The most impressive feature of the course is their personal guidance and mentorship, where expert tutors are on standby to assist you.

  • Start Earning With Job Placements: If you obtain 80% or more in your pass grade for the course, you can start earning immediately during a paid trial with Proofed.

  • Self-Paced Learning: With 100% self-paced learning and lifetime course access, you have the flexibility to tailor your learning experience to your schedule.

  • Alumni Community: You’ll gain access to a private alumni Facebook group, fostering networking and continued support even after you’ve completed the course.


pricing of the editing and proofreading course by Knowadays

Previously priced at $998, the Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle by Knowadays is now available at a reduced rate of $848.

This discount provides an excellent opportunity to access top-notch training in proofreading and editing at a more affordable cost. 

My Take

The Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle is a well-rounded and accessible package that caters to individuals seeking to excel in both proofreading and editing. 

Its CPD accreditation adds professional credibility to your certification, making it valuable for career advancement.

With a self-paced learning approach, expert support, and a comprehensive curriculum, this bundle equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in language-related professions. 

For those considering the Proofreader & Editor Course Bundle, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. 

This trial period allows you to explore the course’s content and benefits without any initial financial commitment, making it a risk-free opportunity to kickstart your proofreading and editing journey.

3. Editing and Proofreading Masterclass (SkillShare)

homepage of SkillShare's proofreading training online


The Editing and Proofreading Masterclass on Skillshare is a highly engaging and comprehensive course designed to accelerate your knowledge of proofreading and editing to higher levels through a series of interactive video lessons.

With 64 lessons spanning 3 hours and 48 minutes, it covers a wide range of essential topics in a concise and easily digestible format. 

Upon further inspection, this course’s popularity is clearly evident, with a significant enrollment of nearly 6,000 students, indicating its effectiveness in helping individuals master the proofreading power basics.


  • Language Refinement: Helps you clarify the text, correct punctuation, and fix poor syntax for polished written communication.

  • Broad Skill Enhancement: Refines not only your proofreading skills but also boosts your abilities in publishing, creative writing, and copyediting, making it a versatile resource for language enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Improve Grammar: Gain proficiency in grammar rules, ensuring that your written content adheres to established conventions.

  • Boost Creativity: Learn techniques to enhance your creative writing abilities, allowing you to produce engaging and compelling content.

  • Enhance Copy Editing Skills: Develop the skills needed to edit and refine work for various purposes, from marketing materials to academic documents.

  • Practical Insights: Acquire practical insights and strategies to excel in the fields of publishing and proofreading, equipping you for success in your freelancing career.


Skillshare offers an annual membership priced at $168 per year, which averages to approximately $14 per month. 

The platform doesn’t have a monthly subscription option; instead, members are required to pay for the annual subscription upfront, with the option to try a free 7-day trial before committing to the annual fee. 

This annual membership grants you unlimited access to the entire library of Skillshare classes, providing flexibility and convenience for your learning needs.

My Take 

With Skillshare, you gain access not only to the Editing and Proofreading Masterclass led by Nitay but also to a plethora of other valuable courses. 

Nitay’s class, in particular, offers hands-on insights and practical techniques that are highly beneficial for those striving to excel in the art of editing and proofreading. 

It’s a comprehensive resource that equips learners with the skills and knowledge they need to tackle various editing projects effectively. 

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the meticulous review of written content to identify and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The purpose of proofreading is to ensure the accuracy and quality of the text, making it essential for polished, error-free documents.

My Take

Proofreading is an indispensable step in the journey of content refinement and the importance of proofreading is needed for everyone who creates content in any form.

With its laser focus on error detection, grammar correction, and precise punctuation and spelling, proofreading is essential for every business in every industry as it paves the way for impeccably polished written materials.

By learning the art of proofreading through the best online proofreading courses, individuals can develop a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of language conventions, and the ability to enhance the overall quality of written content. 

These courses cover essential aspects like grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style, providing the tools and techniques needed to transform ordinary text into refined and professional communication.

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