If you’re looking to switch careers, some of the best paying jobs in containers/packaging are offering competitive salaries and rewarding work opportunities.

Many jobs entail the ability to challenge yourself physically, work as part of a dynamic team, and help deliver much-needed products to people.

A job in this field may be enticing for you if you enjoy predictability in the workplace, you want physical work, and you like to clock in and out without bringing work home.

Below is more information surrounding how to find the best paying jobs in containers/packaging, what types of tasks you can expect to endure each day, and why you might want to consider a career in this industry.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Containers/Packaging?

There are a plethora of engineering positions within the containers/packaging industry that offer handsome salaries for the work.

These jobs include mechanical engineers, packing engineers, product engineers, or project engineers.

Depending on the company, there is a potential you’ll either need to undergo training or have previous education.

Management positions within containers and packaging allow you to oversee a lot of important work without being very physically involved.

These jobs are ideal for someone who enjoys leadership and is very organized and personable.

If you have a good eye for detail, you could also consider working in quality control. You would be responsible for inspections and ensuring that machinery and products work well.

You can also be accountable for ensuring everyone is working safely and warehouses are up to code.

What Is The Containers/Packaging Industry?

The containers and packaging industry involves everything from production, packaging, organizing, storing, boxing up, and shipping products. You’re typically working in some warehouse environment.

You may be involved in any range of the many steps involved in the process of a product, from development to loading it into a truck so it can be shipped out to retailers or customers.

You could also be involved in the container aspect of one of these companies. Shipping containers require construction to be available to store and ship products.

Typically, these containers are enormous, built with solid plastic or metal.

In terms of products and industries that have containers and packaging requirements, you could work with food, cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and a vast range of products available in retail, from homewares to furniture and so much more. 


an image of a container ship on the sea representing the best paying jobs in containers/packaging
Best paying jobs in containers/packaging: What are they?

Engineering Jobs In Containers/Packaging 

As mentioned, various engineers work in containers/packaging. A product engineer is involved with designing and conceptualizing new products, and mechanical engineers work on the devices that help with production.

If you like building or constructing things, engineering is worth considering.

There are also package and packaging engineers that are responsible for everything related to packages for products.

Design engineers will help to make the systems that help build products, and project engineers work on multiple facets of various projects. 

Manager Jobs In Containers/Packaging

Different managerial positions in containers and packaging pay well and provide you with fascinating work to do each day.

An area manager will oversee the day-to-day operations within a particular region while helping support all employees involved.

An operations manager has a similar role but usually works in a warehouse. Some managers will help support those in the production role.

Some managers are responsible for finding places to distribute products.

If you have experience training and overseeing staff, know how to motivate people, and can take charge and be an efficient leader, a manager role could be proper for you.

You would also be responsible for building a team and helping your team members grow and develop.

How Do You Find The Best Paying Jobs In Containers/Packaging?

When comparing the types of jobs available in the vast array of companies in containers and packaging, you’re likely to find the best paying jobs when you pursue listings that involve working with products.

This could be developing a product, packaging, or getting the product ready for shipping.

What’s The Salary Range For Container/Packaging Jobs?

Salary will vary depending on the particular job you pursue. However, when looking at all the best paying jobs in this industry, you’re looking at an average salary of around $70,000 to $80,000 per year.

Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path?

Working in containers/packaging is an excellent career path. This is because the range of companies within this industry continues to grow.

As such, there is a very high demand for skilled personnel looking to get into containers and packaging in various positions.

What Tasks Do Containers/Packaging Jobs Entail?

There are a lot of exciting jobs that require a vast range of skill sets. For instance, on the engineering side, you may be working with many technically complex equipment and various computer systems.

You’ll also likely work closely with a lot of large equipment and machinery, which requires special training.

Final Thoughts 

It’s never too late to consider trying something new, whether that’s learning new skills to change careers, transferring the skills you have to a different field or taking a career aptitude test to determine your best path.

Working in containers and packaging can introduce you to an industry full of growth and new opportunities while also helping you earn a competitive salary for your hard work.

If you want to consider rewarding work that allows you to be part of an exciting process, the best paying jobs in containers/packaging are likely a good path for you to explore when searching for a new career.


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