In this article, we will discuss the 20 best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

We will also talk about what do miscellaneous jobs pay and whether they are a good career path for you to choose.

Jobs in miscellaneous are an excellent avenue for people to explore if they are looking for new career paths or want to increase their savings.

Many jobs you see listed as miscellaneous may seem like unconventional paths. Sometimes, however, taking the road less traveled can be highly beneficial.

What are Miscellaneous Jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs are usually referred to as “odd jobs.” These are jobs that don’t fit into one particular category.

Candidates looking for miscellaneous jobs are those that focus on providing customers with a variety of products and services.

Miscellaneous jobs have been growing at a fast rate. This is because, in the past, people chose to stick to just one profession. This is different from today, when people tend to diversify their means of income.

Is Miscellaneous a Good Career Path?

But is miscellaneous a good career path for you specifically?

In most cases, yes. Miscellaneous occupations are getting popular by the minute as they pay well.

In fact, according to statistics by GOBankingRates, many of the miscellaneous jobs pay above the U.S. average wage of $42,000. 

In many cases, some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous are also some of the most fun.

Moreover, miscellany professionals are often called upon to solve problems. They are the ones who can take on any task.

So, if you are a resourceful person who doesn’t shy away from new and exciting opportunities, working in miscellany is something you would want to explore.

It comes down to what interests you and what do miscellaneous jobs pay that determines whether this sector is a good career path for you.

Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous: What Skills Do You Need?

If you want to land some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous, there are a few skills that you should have under your belt. Generally, these include:

  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Digital literacy
  • Data analysis and problem-solving skills

How Many Jobs are Available in Miscellaneous?

If you’re wondering how many jobs are available in miscellaneous, the answer is: many jobs are available in miscellaneous!

Since miscellaneous careers span practically anything that one can do that doesn’t fit the usual job categories, it includes many job opportunities, including part-time jobs that you can do and your typical day job.

a man sawing a wooden board with an electric drill representing the best paying jobs in miscellaneous
20 best paying jobs in miscellaneous

What Do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?

If you are still wondering is miscellaneous a good career path or not, considering the salary compensation might help you decide.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a miscellaneous employee is $52,589 per year or $25 per hour.

The average pay ranges vary significantly, with some of the best paying jobs paying up to $90,000. This suggests many opportunities for advancement and moving up the ladder in miscellaneous careers.

20 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

1. Casino Manager

A bingo or casino manager manages everything in a casino or a bingo hall.

This includes ensuring compliance with federal and state gaming laws, approving jackpots, and handling customer concerns and complaints.

Average Salary: $49,176 per year

2. Bereavement Coordinator

A bereavement coordinator helps families of terminally or deceased individuals manage everything from paperwork to funeral services.

They generally work in hospitals and nursing homes.

Average Salary: $57,000 per year

3. Stenocaptioner

Stenocaptioner or stenographer takes notes in courts or political parties to note down speeches.

Average Salary: $55,000 per year

4. Art Therapist

An art therapist combines art with therapy to help patients heal and ease stress. It requires a degree in psychology or counseling and possibly training in art.

Average Salary: $58,139 per year

5. Voice-over Artist

A voice-over artist reads from a script and narrates text for radio, film, or any production.

Average Salary: $66,990 per year

6. Hippotherapist

A hippotherapist combines therapy with riding horses.

It seeks to improve patients’ mental health through recreation and socialization with others.

Average Salary: $74,434 per year

7. Toy Designer

Also known as product designers or toymakers, toy designers design toys and give them a creative and artistic flair so that they apply to kids.

Average Salary: $78,913 per year

8. Periodontist

A dentist specializing in gum disease treatment is called a periodontist.

Average Salary: $229,475 per year

9. Clinical Ethicist

Clinical ethicist takes a neutral position regarding medical decisions to help doctors and patients make informed choices.

Average Salary: $113,230

10. Flavorist

One of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous, a flavorist works with chemistry to create or recreate both synthetic and natural flavors.

Average Salary: $125,000 per year

11. Billboard Installer

The job of an installer of billboards is to prepare, find a place, and then install billboards.

They are also required to maintain them under different weather conditions.

Average Salary: $35,000 per year

12. Costume Assistant

Costume assistants ensure that celebrity costumes are performance-ready and fit and clean to wear.

They are also responsible for selecting an outfit based on the event.

Average Salary: $42,000 per year

13. Embalmer

The embalmer is responsible for embalming and preparing bodies of deceased individuals for funeral services.

Average Salary: $47,000 per year

14. Elevator Inspector

An elevator inspector ensures that elevators comply with the safety standards and suggest maintenance repairs accordingly. 

Average Salary: $46,425 per year

15. Content Creator

Content creators come up with new content. They create strategies around content and assess the quality of articles, videos, and other forms of media.

Average Salary: $76,531 per year

16. Veterinary Acupuncturist

A veterinary acupuncturist works with animals to heal them through surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Average Salary: $69,167 per year

17. Color Expert

Color experts use color psychology and theory to suggest the best colors for logos, homes, and company buildings.

Average Salary: $61,554 per year

18. Online Dating Ghostwriter

A dating ghostwriter writes for dating websites, making the text witty, funny, and creative using their writing skills. 

Average Salary: $54,205 per year

19. Podiatrist

A podiatrist examines the feet, lower legs, and ankles to perform surgeries on those parts.

They help prevent and correct any abnormalities and deformities in the feet area.

Average Salary: $90,795 per year

20. Private Investigator

A PI uses their skills to investigate the evidence and reach a conclusion.

Average Salary: $57,000 per year

Where can You Find the Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous?

To find some of the best paying jobs in miscellaneous, you would need to do some online research on job portals such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

You can also find miscellaneous jobs by expanding your network in the industry you are interested in working in.

You can also attend industry events and subscribe to relevant job alert services that notify you whenever there is an opening in your interested area of miscellany.

Final Thoughts: Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

Hopefully, in the list above of the 20 best paying jobs in miscellaneous, you found the answer to the question, “is jobs in miscellaneous a good career path?”

Miscellaneous jobs can be some of the most exciting careers that can often provide many benefits and freedom. They give you the ability to branch out and explore what fascinates you.

What are some unknown jobs that pay well?

A toy designer can earn up to 78K per year while a flavorist can earn up to 125K per year.

What unskilled job pays the most?

A costume assistant can earn up to 42K per year while a billboard installer can earn up to 35K per year.

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