Selecting the best UX research courses online will be your first step to carving out your path to becoming a UX professional.

In a digital landscape where user experience is paramount, the proper training can open doors to a rewarding career.

I mean, it’s no secret that about 88% of online customers reported that they wouldn’t return to a website due to bad user experience. 

Whether you’re new to the field, seeking a career transition or a seasoned pro aiming to further your expertise, the best online UX research course can boost your UX research portfolio and accelerate your path toward a successful UX career.

What Are The Best UX Research Courses Online?

  • Overall Best UX Research Course: UX & User Research Course by DesignLab

  • Best For Budget: Master Digital Product Design: UX Research & UI Design (Udemy)

  • Free Option: UX Research by HECMontrealX (EDX)

1. UX & User Research Course by DesignLab

Overall Best UX Research Course ($399)


The UX & User Research Course offered by DesignLab is your key to unlocking the world of user-centered design and UX Research. 

It’s more than just a course; it’s an immersive journey that takes you deep into the heart of UX Design and User research.

If you’re passionate about understanding user behavior, enhancing product usability, and making data-driven decisions, this program is tailored to fuel your ambitions.

This comprehensive course equips you with a profound understanding of the core principles of human-computer interaction, diving into the intricacies of UX Research. 

But it doesn’t stop at theory. It offers an invaluable hands-on experience in user testing and usability testing, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge in a practical context.

What truly makes this one different from other online courses is its holistic approach, which covers a broad spectrum of design concepts and principles.

You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of the UX Design process, ensuring you’re ready to tackle real-world challenges.


So, why is this course one of the best courses for UX Research professionals? Here are some answers. 

  • Master The Entire UX Research Process: From customer empathy, diary studies, and user interviews to prototyping and much more

  • Build A UX Portfolio For Employment: Start creating and documenting your user research process, customer journey maps, and empathy maps to show your employers

  • Get Direct Access To A Mentor: With four 1-hour sessions, answer all your burning questions and receive personalized feedback from your mentor sessions

  • Career Recognition With A Certificate: Convince employers of your new skills with a powerful user experience research certificate that puts you ahead of your peers

  • Study Around Your Own Schedule: Choose when you want to study at your own pace with flexibility in hours per week to accommodate diverse experience levels.


The course costs $399 for four weeks of intensive learning. This is a discounted rate from the original price of $499.

You won’t be charged for the whole thing when you enroll, as DesignLab will only charge you half of the cost at the beginning and the remainder when your training is over. 

My Take

In my opinion, the UX & User Research Course by DesignLab is a standout choice for individuals who wish to venture into UX Research while gaining practical experience.

With its unique blend of theory and hands-on practice, it equips you to navigate the complex landscape of user-centered design effectively. 

The structured career path ensures that your UX research training translates into real-world job opportunities, speeding up your path toward being a UX researcher.

2. Master Digital Product Design: UX Research & UI Design


With over 38,000+ students and 8,700+ ratings, the Master Digital Product Design: UX Research & UI Design course is designed for individuals seeking to master the intricate world of digital product design. 

With 168 lectures across 12 sections, it unfolds the essential principles of user experience research and UI Design, guiding learners through the entire design process with real examples from design history. 

From understanding the user journey to creating visually appealing and user-friendly digital products, this course is the cost-friendly option that provides you with the skills needed to excel in UX Research Design. 


With over 15 hours of video content, this online UX research course offers a plethora of benefits. 

  • Design Successful Products People Love: From learning UX design concepts, experience economy to Figma and balance, this course fills the gaps that other courses may not cover

  • Master The Fundamentals: With 12 sections covering the basics to advanced, you will gain technical skills as well as real-life examples of user design, showing how the process has evolved over the years. 

  • Career Recognition With A Certificate: Convince employers of your new skills with a powerful user experience research certificate that puts you ahead of your peers


One of the standout features of this course is its affordability of $159.99 for 15.5 hours of on-demand videos.

You’ll also gain access to 49 downloadable lifetime resources.

My Take

In my opinion, the Master Digital Product Design: UX Research & UI Design course on Udemy is a valuable resource for those looking to excel in UX Design. 

It not only provides a well-rounded education in user experience design and UI Design but also emphasizes the practical application of these principles in real-world projects.

By understanding the user journey, mastering visual design, and navigating the design process, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the field of digital product design. 

The affordability of this course ensures that you can access top-quality education without straining your finances, making it a strategic investment in your professional growth. 

3. UX Research by HECMontrealX


Developed by HEC Montréal, one of Canada’s leading business schools, the UX Research by HECMontrealX course sheds light on the principles of UX Research and Design, making it an exceptional resource for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

At its heart, this course emphasizes the importance of human-centered design, teaching you to place the user at the center of the development process. 

Consider enrolling in UX Research by HECMontrealX if you aspire to become proficient in the realm of UX Research and Design, desire a human-centered design approach, and value interaction with a diverse community of like-minded learners.

It guides you through a journey of understanding user interface design, design patterns, and design strategies to ensure that you aren’t just a passive observer but an active contributor to the development of user-friendly digital products.


Here are some of the multifaceted benefits of this course. 

  • Offers a deep understanding of human-centered design, a critical aspect of UX Research and Design. 

  • Suitable for beginners and more experienced users. 

  • It teaches you to create products that genuinely resonate with users.

  • Introduces users to the design process of various digital products. 

  • Provides ample opportunities for discussion and collaboration with peers and instructors through discussion forums. This interactive element enhances the learning experience, allowing you to exchange insights and ideas with a global community of UX enthusiasts.

  • A well-structured outline that suits various learning paces. With a modest learning time, it doesn’t demand a significant time commitment, making it accessible to individuals with busy schedules.


The best part about this course is that it’s entirely free, removing any financial barriers that might deter aspiring UX researchers and designers. 

It is tailored for individuals at various experience levels, from novices eager to enter the world of UX to seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

My Take

The UX Research by HECMontrealX is an invaluable resource for those who seek to master UX Research and Design without incurring any costs. 

The course offers a comprehensive journey through human-centered design principles, discussion forums for collaborative learning, and a flexible learning schedule to accommodate your pace.

By enrolling in this free course, you not only gain expertise in UX Research and Design but also join a global community of UX enthusiasts, making it a strategic step toward excellence in user experience design.

What is UX Research?

Not to be confused with Market Research, User Experience (UX) Research is predominantly a process that involves:

  • Qualitative user research
  • Customer research process
  • Studying user behaviors
  • Their preferences
  • And interactions with digital products or services

These assist product managers and contribute to the product roadmap. 

It also uncovers insights that inform the design ideation process and development of products, ensuring they align with user needs and expectations for a more satisfying user experience.

My Take

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the role of User Experience (UX) Research has become increasingly critical. 

As more businesses recognize the value of understanding user behavior, expectations will increase to create products and services that truly resonate with their target audience. 

The best UX Research courses online that I’ve listed above will open doors to a new world of opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional UX designer, enrolling in one of these courses can change your life. 

Taking a UX Research course is not just beneficial but often essential for anyone looking to make a mark in this field.

By investing in one of the best UX Research courses online, you position yourself as a valuable asset in the job market.

With different options, from paid to free courses, each focusing on specific aspects of UX Research, you can find the right resources to embark on your journey towards more professional success. 

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