Found you via LinkedIn profile – It’s likely you’re already on LinkedIn, but are you using that platform to its full advantage?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for work, a new career, advancement in your field, or your next great hire.

In this article, we’ll look at using the “found you” feature on LinkedIn to its full potential.

What Does ‘Found You Via LinkedIn Profile’ Mean?

Found you via LinkedIn profile means that someone had connected with your LinkedIn profile and saw your profile after it was suggested to them while browsing another page.

You can check who viewed your profile by clicking “who viewed your profile” on the left-hand side of your timeline page.


an eye looking through a hole representing how someone can found you via LinkedIn profile
Found you via Linkedin profile – there are secret ways to not get found.

Where Do People See Your Profile On LinkedIn?

There are several ways someone can stumble upon your LinkedIn page.

We’ll take a look at a few of these circumstances so you know where potential traffic comes from.

People Also Viewed

The People Also Viewed tool shows users’ profiles on LinkedIn, similar to the one you are currently on.

This can be seen on the right-hand side of the page or, if using the mobile version, at the bottom of the page.

This is a helpful tool because some can be looking for your specific skills, come across someone with a similar profile, and be recommended by your page.

This increases your exposure to potential clients or employers.

Articles & Activity

On LinkedIn, you can write articles and post them.

People who already follow you can share or like your articles, giving you a larger audience. Others can also find you by coming across your article in their research.

Either way, pieces can get more eyes on your LinkedIn profile, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.

Your activity on LinkedIn can also improve your readership.

Articles you like and reshare can improve the chances that your profile will be suggested as recommendations to similar profiles.

Just make sure that the content you are liking or sharing is aligned or similar enough to the image you want to promote of yourself.

Skills & Endorsements

The skills section of LinkedIn allows you to highlight your best skills.

You can include writing or SEO knowledge, anything that you are skilled at and makes you employable. Just make sure that you don’t choose every single possible skill.

This will make people think you just clicked every skill, and they’ll be less likely to trust that you have any worthwhile talents.

After you’ve added your skills, you can get your connections to verify these skills. This is known as skills endorsements.

Only 1st-degree connections can verify your skills. You can tell if someone is a 1st-degree connection because there will be a “1st” image on their picture.

Having skills endorsements tells viewers that your skills are legitimate and not just made up.

This will give people you aren’t meeting in person more confidence in you and can ultimately make you more likely to be hired.

Found You Via LinkedIn Profile: Where Can You Check This?

Once you know that you can see who and how many people are viewing your profile, you’ll probably be interested to know how you can see how someone found you.

This information can help you tailor your profile accordingly.

From your timeline page, look at the left-hand side. Look down to the area below your profile photo and click on “who viewed your profile.”

Along with information about who has looked at your profile, you can see how they got there.

LinkedIn Profile Views Explained: How People Can Find You On LinkedIn?

What Does ‘Found You Via LinkedIn Profile’ mean?

This means that someone has found your LinkedIn profile.

More specifically, they found your profile after it was suggested to them when they were on another page.

You can observe who viewed your profile by clicking “who viewed your profile” on the left-hand side of your timeline page.

What Does ‘Found You Via Homepage’ mean?

Found you via homepage means that someone found you by clicking on a link they found on their timeline.

This can include posts you’ve liked, shared, or commented on.

What Is a Homepage On LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn Homepage is the page you see when you first log on to LinkedIn. You can manage what page is your homepage by going to your settings on LinkedIn.

What Does ‘Found You Via LinkedIn Search’ even mean?

It means that after someone performed a search on LinkedIn, your profile was suggested, and from there, they clicked on your page.

Found You Via Messaging (LinkedIn)

This means that while someone was in the LinkedIn messaging tool, they saw a link to your profile and clicked on it.

What Does ‘Found You Via LinkedIn Company Page’ Mean?

Found you via LinkedIn company page means that while on a company’s page on LinkedIn, your profile was suggested, and they clicked on the link to your page.

What Is LinkedIn Search: LinkedIn Search vs. Profile View

You can find or be found, on LinkedIn, either through LinkedIn Search or through Profile View.

If someone uses the search bar at the top of the page and they find your page, this would be LinkedIn Search.

However, someone finds your profile through a link on someone else’s profile, this would be called Profile View.

How To Find My LinkedIn Profile?

You can find your LinkedIn profile by copying and pasting your URL into a search engine.

You can also find your profile by typing your name into the LinkedIn search bar and seeing how far down the list your profile is.

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