A common question I usually get asked is this: “is major pharmaceuticals a good career path” and “Is it worth the educational investment”?

Since extensive education is required to qualify for a job in major pharmaceuticals, this can deter many people.

Overall, working in major pharmaceuticals is considered an excellent career path.

After all, these jobs provide not only outstanding starting salaries exceeding $90,000 per year but also plenty of opportunities to advance and grow.

Pharmaceutical occupations are also considered prestigious and it has been growing steadily at 5.8% since 2017.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have trouble finding a job or alternative possibilities if one employment opportunity doesn’t work for you.

Continue reading to learn more about major pharmaceuticals, including whether is major pharmaceuticals a good career path, the top 8 best major pharmaceuticals careers, and more.

Is Major Pharmaceuticals A Good Career Path?

Yes, jobs in major pharmaceuticals are considered an excellent choice for your life path overall.

After all, pharmaceutical careers are respectable, in demand, and well-paid.

It’s also doubtful that you will struggle to get employment in the field or locate other options if one employment opportunity doesn’t work for you due to the complexity of the subject.

The ability to assist others is another bonus for many occupations in this industry.

Although much of the work completed in these jobs takes time, the new medications and therapies created by these scientists can significantly increase both peoples’ lifespans and quality of life.

What is the highest-paying pharmaceutical job?


Pharmacologists are biomedical scientists who study the processes through which medications and other substances affect biological systems.

They utilize this information to aid in developing and assessing drugs that fight diseases and their symptoms.

What can I do with a pharmaceutical degree?

Take note, however, that a high-level degree is also necessary to work in the field of pharmacology.

These professionals also occasionally work on clinical studies; however, one would need the right qualifications to qualify for this position.

Due to the extensive experience and professionalism needed to perform this job, the approximate annual salary of a pharmacologist is $120,000.

career opportunities in pharmaceutical industry


A pharmacist is a skilled healthcare practitioner who stores, handles, prepares, and dispenses various drugs.

They also have an essential role in teaching patients how to use or administer their prescriptions.

Similarly, they work as a “last check” to verify that dosages are proper and that a patient does not encounter unpleasant or hazardous medication interactions.

Overall, the approximate hourly wage of a pharmacist starts at $57.60 per hour.

Clinical Research Manager

Clinical research managers supervise all parts of clinical trials that test novel pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, making them one of the most critical roles in the healthcare business.

People in these positions are responsible for ensuring that the trial follows extremely stringent, exact criteria.

Due to the extensive experience and professionalism needed to perform this job, the approximate annual salary of a clinical research manager is $90,000.


A picture of various medicine pills representing is major pharmaceuticals a good career path
Is major pharmaceuticals a good career path?

Research Assistant

Many academic institutes hire research assistants to help with academic or private research.

A research assistant’s primary role is to assist a research fellow or a research team by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Universities, research institutes, and commercial companies all employ research assistants. Take note, however, that although permanent employment is available, most research assistants work temporarily.

Overall, the approximate hourly wage of a research assistant starts at $21.38 per hour.


A toxicologist is a scientist who uses chemicals and other substances to assess if they are toxic or damaging to people, other living beings, or the environment.

Overall, the approximate annual salary of these scientists averages $94,500.

Toxicologists can work in medical examiner laboratories, crime labs, the military, the government, or the commercial sector.

Other job options are available in hospitals, universities, and the scientific research industry.

Research Scientist

Natural scientists, medical scientists, computer scientists, environmental scientists, and social scientists all contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

They develop hypotheses, gather data, and analyze the results to answer questions about humans and the natural environment.

Entry-level research scientist salaries start at approximately $73,500 per year, with most experienced individuals earning up to $122,900 per year.

Clinical Research Associate

A clinical research associate (CRA) is a health care or life sciences worker who manages clinical trials for pharmaceutical corporations, medical research organizations, and government agencies.

CRAs are also known as clinical monitors or trial monitors.

Monitoring Good Clinical Practice guidelines, such as those produced by the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, is a crucial element of this role.

If you’re interested in research, this is a low-level research role in which you would help more experienced researchers. However, note that one will require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for these positions.

Overall, entry-level CRA employment can pay up to $64,500 per year, with more experienced clinical research associate salaries averaging around $133,550.

Pharmacist Clerk

A pharmacy clerk is in charge of essential administrative functions at a pharmacy.

They often speak with customers to tell them of available prescriptions, sort pharmaceuticals using the pharmacy’s organizational system, and notify the pharmacist of medications that need to be restocked.

Overall, the average hourly wage for a pharmacy assistant starts at $17.38 per hour.

Final Thoughts: Is pharmaceutics a good career?

A career in major pharmaceuticals is regarded as reliable and honorable.

After all, these positions provide excellent starting pay and numerous chances for advancement and growth.

Pharmaceutical jobs are also highly sought-after and regarded as elite careers.

As stated above, the top eight most desirable pharmaceutical job fields include pharmacologists, pharmacists, clinical research managers, research assistants, toxicologists, research scientists, CRAs, and pharmacist clerks.

However, note that all these jobs will require extensive education.

So, while you may want to jump into the work, remember that you will have to invest your time before qualifying for any major pharmaceutical positions.


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