Is MasterClass worth it? Although preferences are usually subjective and based on each individual, I’m here to break it down for you.

From cooking with Gordon Ramsay to writing with Margaret Atwood, the range of subjects is extensive. With over 100 courses available, you can ensure that your online education is from the best in the business, no matter where you are.

In this article, I will share my complete MasterClass review, highlighting the pros and cons of the platform, and ultimately answer the question: Is MasterClass worth it?

What Is MasterClass?

Homepage of Masterclass igniting the question of is MasterClass worth it?

Before diving into the review, let’s first understand what MasterClass is all about.

Celebrity Instructors

Imagine being able to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, acting from Natalie Portman, or tennis from Serena Williams.

MasterClass is an online learning platform that offers courses taught by celebrity experts in various fields. It brings together a star-studded lineup of instructors who are experts in their craft.

These instructors not only share their knowledge and techniques but also provide insights into their creative processes and personal journeys.

MasterClass videos go beyond traditional online courses by offering a unique and immersive learning experience and ensuring that each course is carefully curated and designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Flat Fee & Unlimited Access

One of the standout features of MasterClass is that, for a flat fee, you get unlimited access to learn from multiple celebrity perspectives.

For example, if you’re interested in photography, you can take classes from Annie Leibovitz, Jimmy Chin, and even explore the art of storytelling through photography with Neil Gaiman.

This diversity of instructors allows you to get the most bang for buck and gain a well-rounded understanding of the subject and discover different approaches to your craft.

Downloadable Resources

MasterClass also offers a range of supplementary materials to enhance your learning experience.

Each course comes with downloadable workbooks that provide additional exercises, assignments, and resources to further deepen your understanding. These materials allow you to practice what you’ve learned and apply the concepts in a practical manner.

MasterClass Community

Furthermore, MasterClass provides a vibrant and supportive community for learners. You can engage with fellow students through the online platform, share your progress, and receive feedback on your work.

This sense of community fosters collaboration and encourages you to push your boundaries, knowing you’re not alone in your learning journey.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore a new hobby or a professional seeking to refine your skills for a higher income, MasterClass covers a wide range of subjects, including arts and entertainment, business, sports, writing, and more.

With its accessible and engaging format, MasterClass makes learning from the best in the world both inspiring and attainable.

Is MasterClass Worth It?

Investing in an online course requires both time and money. So, is MasterClass worth it?

One of the main advantages of MasterClass is the quality of instructors. With MasterClass, you get to learn directly from the experts themselves.

This unique opportunity to gain insights and techniques from the best in the industry is unparalleled. Imagine having the chance to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, writing from Margaret Atwood, or tennis from Serena Williams.

These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can truly elevate your skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Various Teaching Styles

However, it is essential to note that while the instructors are masters in their fields, their teaching skills may vary.

As a result, some lessons may be more engaging and informative than others. It’s important to approach each course with an open mind and be prepared to adapt your learning style to the instructor’s teaching methods.

Remember, the goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible and apply it to your own journey.

High Quality Video Lessons

Another factor that makes MasterClass worth considering is the production value. The courses are beautifully filmed and visually appealing.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the set design to the cinematography. Each course feels like a cinematic experience, immersing you in the subject matter and creating an engaging learning environment.

The high production value enhances the learning experience and makes the courses more enjoyable to watch.

Technical Guides Vs Storytelling

However, it is important to mention that MasterClass is not suitable for everyone. If you are looking for in-depth, technical knowledge or hands-on practical training, you may need to supplement your learning with other resources.

MasterClass focuses more on inspiration and storytelling rather than delving into the intricate details of a subject. While you will undoubtedly gain valuable insights and learn new techniques, it’s important to recognize the limitations of the platform and adjust your expectations accordingly.

The opportunity to learn directly from masters like Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Atwood, or Serena Williams is a privilege that should not be underestimated. The high production value and visually appealing courses add to the overall experience.

With the right mindset and expectations, MasterClass can be a valuable addition to your learning journey.

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

Pricing of MasterClass

Now that we have established that MasterClass is indeed worth considering let’s talk about the price. A MasterClass membership operates on a subscription model.

For $128 per year, you gain access to all the classes available on the platform.

This may sound steep at first, but it becomes a worthwhile investment when you consider the caliber of instructors, structured curriculum and the quality of content.

What is Included in a MasterClass Subscription?

A MasterClass subscription provides you with a MasterClass account and opens the doors to an unlimited access to the MasterClass course library across a wide range of subjects.

From arts and entertainment to business and sports, there is something for everyone. The courses typically consist of video lessons, downloadable workbooks, and sometimes additional resources like recipes or sheet music.

Mobile MasterClass App

With a mobile app on both the Android and Apple play stores, you never have to miss a lesson. In fact, this could eventually become your new Netflix.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

MasterClass also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel that you did not get the learning experience you desired within 30-days.

What Makes MasterClass Unique?

MasterClass stands out from other online learning platforms due to its star-studded lineup of instructors.

Where else can you find Serena Williams teaching tennis or Neil Gaiman sharing his creative writing process?

The opportunity to learn directly from such renowned individuals is a compelling reason to choose MasterClass.

Pros and Cons of Taking MasterClass Classes

Like any learning platform, MasterClass has its pros and cons.

5 Pros:

  1. The star power of instructors adds a unique appeal to the courses.

  2. The production value of the videos is top-notch.

  3. The variety of subjects available caters to a wide range of interests.

  4. You can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like.

  5. The community aspect allows for interaction with fellow learners.

3 Cons:

  1. The lack of interactivity and personalized feedback may not suit everyone’s learning style.

  2. The price may be prohibitive for some.

  3. The platform focuses more on inspiration than practical, hands-on training.

My Experiences with MasterClass Courses

With my favorite topic centering around negotiations, the logical direction for my first class was one where Chriss Voss teaches the art of negotiation. the experience is enriching and provides a unique perspective.

Chriss Voss teaches the art of negotiation

Learning from the master himself has not only expanded my knowledge but also sparked my creativity with his real-world experiences that drove home the lessons he taught.

With an easy-to-use interface, it reminded me of using Netflix but instead, this time, I was learning and educating myself from a world-renowned FBI negotiator.

What Kind of Support Does MasterClass Provide?

MasterClass support team provides a supportive learning environment through its active community. You can interact with fellow learners, ask questions, and receive feedback on your work.

While the interaction is primarily peer-to-peer, the community aspect adds an extra layer of engagement to the learning experience.

Is MasterClass Easy to Use?

MasterClass is designed to be user-friendly. The interface is intuitive, and navigating through the courses is straightforward.

The video player allows you to pause, rewind, and watch at your own pace. The platform also offers transcript options, making it easier to follow along or revisit specific sections as needed.

How to Get the Most Out of Your MasterClass Subscription

If you decide to invest in a MasterClass subscription, here are a few tips to make the most of your learning experience:

  1. Take advantage of the workbook and additional resources provided with each course.

  2. Engage with the community by participating in discussions and asking questions.

  3. Explore courses outside your comfort zone to broaden your horizons.

  4. Balance passive watching with active learning. Apply the techniques and skills you learn to your own projects.

  5. Be open to inspiration and experimentation. MasterClass offers a platform for you to explore and discover your passion.

My Final Verdict: Is MasterClass Worth It?

After considering the pros and cons, experiencing the courses firsthand, and evaluating the overall value, I find MasterClass to be an enriching purchase that educates me on my favorite topics at my fingertips.

Back in the days before MasterClass, you had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to even come close to meeting a celebrity and gaining their insights.

Today, all that information is packaged for you wonderfully in a course on your mobile phone that you choose to view at your convenience.

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