Is natural gas distribution a good career path? The answer is a resounding yes! Energy sector jobs can be incredibly secure and fulfilling career paths.

As oil and coal become less and less popular fuel sources, natural gas becomes more popular.

As natural gas becomes more popular, the need for workers will only increase.

So, is natural gas a good career path? Read on, and you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself!

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Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

For many many people, natural gas distribution is an excellent career path.

As natural gas replaces less efficient fossil fuels like oil, natural gas distribution jobs will continue to grow.

There are over 4 million jobs connected directly to natural gas. As production increases, distribution channels will need to increase with it.

When distribution needs to increase, the number of jobs in distribution will need to increase in tandem.

In addition to a high need for jobs, natural gas distribution positions have some of the best pay rates relative to education.

To make these jobs even more desirable, most natural gas companies offer extremely competitive health care plans and advancement opportunities that are unmatched in most other sectors.

And if you enjoy travel or are willing to travel, the opportunities increase exponentially!


an image of a natural gas mining site representing is natural gas distribution a good career path
Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

How To Work In The Natural Gas Industry?

There are many paths to working in the natural gas industry.

Which path is right for you is dependent on your education level, how much education you are willing to get, and what you would be willing to do daily.

To work on the engineering side of the industry, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree.

For some positions, the requirement could go up to a master’s degree.

After obtaining the required formal education, many natural gas companies offer internships, leading to full careers.

For more hands-on work, there are shorter college programs. Some careers require no formal education other than on-the-job training!

The best thing to decide what type of work you see yourself doing is to look at specific job posting requirements.

Is Natural Gas A Good Career?

The natural gas industry contains a plethora of amazing career opportunities. Read on for more specifics!

How Many Jobs Are Available In Natural Gas Distribution?

There are an estimated 4.1 million jobs in the natural gas sector in the United States alone! Of this 3.4 million, there are around 110,000 jobs just in distribution.

Jobs in natural gas have been increasing and are expected to increase over time.

Natural Gas Distribution Salary: Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

The natural gas distribution industry is full of lucrative jobs. Here are some of the best paying jobs in natural gas:

Natural Gas Engineers:

Engineering jobs are the most in-demand and crowded in the natural gas sector.

In natural gas, engineers can specialize in distribution.

Engineers can also work as project or production engineers and supervisors. Engineers can make anywhere from $110,000-$180,000/year.

Managers (Natural Gas):

Managers are required at all parts of the natural gas production cycle.

There are project managers who work on extraction sites and plant managers, where the natural gas is processed and sent to customers.

Health and safety managers also ensure all workers are operating safely and that companies are providing appropriate health and safety equipment.

Managers in natural gas typically make around $160,000/year USD.

Distribution expert:

A distribution expert works with transportation logistics to ensure that natural gas makes it to customers and processing facilities promptly and that a steady supply gets to market.

Salaries for this role average around $54,000/year USD.

What Are The Career Opportunities In Natural Gas?

Other than the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution, these are other potential careers worth exploring:

Natural Gas Fitter:

Looking for a hands-on job?

Gasfitters are always needed in the natural gas sector.

Gasfitters sometimes have college degrees but can sometimes only have a GED.

The average salary for a gas fitter has been recorded at $62,000/year USD.

Driller (Natural Gas):

Drillers in natural gas are construction workers who work in the pipeline and extraction side of the industry.

These workers typically make around $50,000/year USD.


Typically, when thinking about oil and gas jobs, many people discount the service side of the industry.

But these jobs are crucial to a functioning industry. Accountants must maintain payroll for oil and gas companies to ensure employees are paid on time.

They’re also needed to maintain bookkeeping needs, which keeps companies profitable.

Accountants in natural gas typically make $61,000/year USD.

How To Pick A Career Within Natural Gas Distribution Jobs?

There are so many solid careers in natural gas distribution that it can be difficult to pick just one!

Ask yourself the following question to help guide you on your career path:

1. Do you want a hands-on Natural Gas Distribution job?

You might want to consider jobs as a driller or gas fitter.

If the answer is no, accounting might be a better choice.

If your answer is somewhere in between, a career in engineering might be, right up your alley?

2. How much do you Want as a salary?

Dependent on your salary aspirations, you could start planning your career trajectory as a natural gas engineer or natural gas manager.

3. How much education do you have, or are you willing to get?

Many lucrative careers in natural gas require one or multiple degrees, while others can be done with only a high school degree.

How To Become A Natural Gas Distributor?

For some people, pursuing an entrepreneurial path with natural gas distribution appeals to them more than a corporate career.

For those aspiring to embark on the entrepreneurial path, a private citizen can become a natural gas distributor or supplier.

To get in on this lucrative business, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Acquire land

The first step is having to acquire land that is zoned for natural gas or that can be zoned.

A lawyer may be required to help you with this step. You will also need to contact local zoning officials to ensure all zoning regulations are followed.

Have licensed contractors

You will need to have them install the appropriate tanks and electronics.

Having a properly-outfitted facility is crucial and not a place where you can cut corners.

Purchase a truck

Ensure that the truck is outfitted for natural gas transportation.

You will also need to have the appropriate license to drive this type of vehicle, or if you have employees to drive, you will need to make sure they are maintaining their license.

Contract Management

Have your legal counsel write a contract to be used with your customers.

And lastly, ensure you maintain all license agreements and regulations required by your local government.

What are the career opportunities in natural gas?

Career opportunities in natural gas range from natural gas engineers, natural gas managers, natural gas fitters, natural gas drillers, and natural gas distribution experts

How do I start my own natural gas business?

You can start your own natural gas business by acquiring land that can be zoned for natural gas, getting licensed contractors to install a properly outfitted facility, purchasing a truck for natural gas transportation, and having a legal counsel to oversee your contract management with your customers and clients.

Which engineering is best for oil and gas industry?

Petroleum engineering is the highest desirable engineering background for the oil and gas industry.

What degree do you need to work in oil and gas?

A degree in petroleum engineering is desired to work in oil and gas. Other degrees such as mechanical or electrical engineering may fit certain employers provided that you have industry knowledge of natural gas distribution.

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