Is public utilities a good career path? The continuously evolving and the advancing world has opened up numerous professional avenues from which you can choose in terms of your career.

One such career path is public utilities. Therefore, is public utilities a good career path? Absolutely yes, it is one of the most stable career trajectories one can choose for themselves.

Rigorous professional development, stability, and high salaries are some of the attractive qualities of this field.

Continue reading this article to find out more about this field and whether this career choice would be good for you or not.

What are public utilities?

Before we move any further, you must be clear about this field. Public utilities are principal in every community as they provide vital services like natural gas, water, electricity, etc.

Various career paths can be taken in this field like marketing, customer service, engineering, finance, etc.    

Importance of public utilities:

Before selecting any career path, it is critical to know its importance.

The significance of public utilities is seen in our day-to-day lives as they provide you with essential services without which our society can not possibly function. These services include water, electricity, natural gas, etc.

Furthermore, this sector generates many job opportunities and contributes majorly to your country’s economy. 


an image of a powerline representing is public utilities a good career path
Is public utilities a good career path?

Fresh graduate: Is public utilities a good career path?

In this sector, innumerable apprenticeships and training programs are available for newcomers to provide them with the appropriate skills.

Entry-level jobs also allow fresh graduates to test their skills and learn from real-life experiences.    

Types of public utilities:

As the purpose of this sector is to provide necessary services to the public, there are quite a few different types of public utilities. Some of them are: 

  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Electrical energy
  • Natural gas
  • Communication
  • Recycling and waste disposal
  • Bus transportation and railways
  • Specific types of storage facilities

Academic requirements for a position in this sector:

The minimum requirement to get a job in the public utility domain is a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Having a master’s degree in the respective field gives you an advantage over other applicants.

Is public utilities a good career path?

This career path would be the best fit for you if you have a passion for community service, enjoy challenges, are innovative, and like to stay on your toes.

In this field, you will be serving the community through the provision of necessary services giving you the chance to serve your community positively.

The availability of jobs in rural areas and urban settings with stability and good earning potential makes it a suitable career for many.

Moreover, multiple job benefits like health insurance and retirement funds help you secure your present and your future.

Pros of working in this sector:

Let’s look at some other attractive qualities of this career path in detail:

Good earning potential:

Most of the jobs in this sector have an impressive pay scale compared to the private utility division at an average of $73,000 per year.

The pay largely depends on the designation, job description, and education level. Jobs are generally available on the level of expertise, e.g., entry-level, intermediate, technical, etc.


Career stability is often hard to find in such turbulent times, but this sector provides you with the hard-to-find feeling of job security.

The added job benefits are a cherry on top, giving you a big chance at establishing yourself professionally.

Professional movement and growth:

Once you gain employment in this sector, there is a system of hierarchy and salary improvement according to your length of service.

So, the longer you serve, the higher your salary. Additionally, feedback and competency evaluations throughout the organization help you align your career goals and personal development.

Openings for entry-level candidates:

This division has a lot of opportunities for new talent. Various entry-level jobs are made available so that the incoming batches are allowed to advance in this field.

Such job opportunities do not require any prior experience, making them ideal for fresh graduates looking for jobs. 

Disadvantages of working in this sector:

Similar to any other decision you might make regarding your career, this decision has its cons too.

Firstly, you might face a taxing workplace environment and a hefty workload in many instances. You must have exceptional skills to acquire a job in this division.

Secondly, most of the organizations in this sector serve as monopolies and are highly regulated, making them unresponsive to changes at times.

Lastly, it is mandatory to have an engineering background to get a job in this field, so if you do not have the required qualification, then you will have to spend time and money to fulfill the criteria.

Is public utilities a good career path in current times?

In the year 2020, 172,232 people were employed in the public utility sector of the United States.

According to data predictions, approximately 10,859 job opportunities will be added annually up to 2026. The website Utility Dive reports that there will be an increment of 10% in the job vacancies in the upcoming ten years.

Data predictions and collected statistics point towards more job opportunities in the public utility sector, making it a favorable career option for you.


Following a career in the public utility sector can be good due to the rise in power generation and distribution. The jobs yield stability, growth, benefits, and high salaries, which are good incentives.

Furthermore, the services in this sector are incredibly crucial, and you would serve your community at large, giving you a sense of accomplishment.

As this sector is extensive and covers a lot of organizations, you must do adequate and correct research regarding this field and select an option that best serves your goals and ambitions.


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