Is technology a good career path?


One of the best reasons why technology is a good career path is because of its high demand and stellar prospects.


And of course, the cost of education is much cheaper compared to other high-paying jobs in various other fields.


So, is technology a good career path?


If you’re seeking job satisfaction, high salaries, remote-working options and a career that is part of the future, you’ve found yourself the right industry.


What is a good career path?


A career path is a roadmap for your professional development.


Contrary to popular belief, the best career paths don’t follow a straight line because it can change at any point based on changing goals, lifestyle choices, and economic developments.


However, the best career choices for anyone should include work-life balance, employment opportunity, job security and earning potential.


For any aspiring professional, it’s important to consider doing something that you love but yet can provide a lucrative income.


Does the technology space offer a good career path and is an information technology degree worth it?


It sure is. What does the salary for a role in information technology look like?


An average IT salary in the U.S can reach up to $204,215 as of August 2021.


In fact, it sits at the top 15 of the top 100 careers.


The demand for Technology professionals


Is technology a good career path? A woman looks at her desktop in her office while researching the answer.
A technology degree or its equivalent certifications can place you at the forefront of the rising demand of technology professionals.


Choosing a career path entails careful consideration.


In fact, employment opportunities in information technology are expected to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030, according to a BLS report.


Did you know – the biggest demand for technology skills will be in big data collection and storage, cloud computing, and information security?


Also, the starting salary in the U.S. for a role in computer information systems sits at about $91,250 annually in 2020?


Now, let’s compare that to the $41,950 average annual wage for other careers.


A question we get asked often is – “Would a masters degree in information technology be worth it?”


To answer that – a computer and information research scientist with a Master’s Degree in the U.S. earns about $126,830.


You decide.


What career should I do if I like technology?


If you’re still asking yourself “is technology is a good career path”, just bear in mind that there are going to be much more opportunities in technology than in any other career in the near future.


Here are three careers that are doing well in tech right now:


1) Software Developers


Do you love innovation or solving problems?


Software developers are the backbone of all the applications and software we have around us – from building smartphone apps to creating computer games, they are the reason innovative ideas can come to life.


They are the creative minds behind all kinds of computer and smartphone apps.


From all the different types of Developers, we are certain there is a role for everyone.


2) Data Professionals


One of the most valuable resources today includes data and it’s growing fast.


The growing interactions between data, algorithms, and people are opening up huge opportunities.


From developing new products and services that utilize artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning, the data field is creating new opportunities to improve or redesign almost every part of any business through strategic insight.


With that said, researchers, engineers, and even marketers could become tomorrow’s data scientists.


3) Cyber Security


Cyber security offers job security, growth opportunities, competitive pay, exciting tasks, and a chance to make a difference in other people’s lives.


An average cyber security professional with a bachelor’s degree earns an average income of $103,590 annually.


Moreover, the cybersecurity space is growing rapidly.


With increased digital threats globally, so does the need for experienced cyber security professionals.


Is Information Technology hard? A laptop with multiple user profiles digitally protruding out from it shows the importance of data and cybersecurity.
The cybersecurity niche which typically requires a technology degree is growing fast and expanding rapidly.


What does an IT career path look like?


But first, what is an IT degree?


It imparts the knowledge of the foundations in science, engineering, data management, data structures, programming languages, numerical analysis, and mathematics.


How to become an information technology specialist?


You can either choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in either information technology, computer engineering, information technology management, or computer science.


You can also opt to go via the self-taught route which is through projects, certifications, and coding boot camps.


Once you graduate or complete your certifications and projects, you would need to:


  • Gain industry-relevant experience. A good starting point would be internships.
  • Pursue an area of specialization. Understand what area of specialization intrigues you and come up with a cost-passion ratio.
  • Get certified in your specialization and show yourself as a niche thought leader
  • Build your network


Is information technology hard?


Well, there’s no easy major.


What is the salary for a person with a master’s degree in information technology?


$101,750 – $150,750.


Yes, you read that right. Information technology will continue to affect our lives.


It’s not surprising how it’s one of the fastest-growing career choices right now and in the future.


With that said, the job market for IT professionals will continue to become more competitive.


Information technology degrees will continue to increase because of the growing demand for IT skills in universities, banks, governments, hospitals, etc.


In perspective, IT professionals are responsible for creating computer systems, networks, and communication systems that ensure such systems are secure, provide 24/7 tech support, and necessary updates are available.


Benefits of pursuing a career in technology


The tech industry is becoming a big part of changing the world by providing value for everyone.


So, are you still asking yourself if an information technology degree worth it?


Here are 5 known benefits of pursuing a career in technology:


Benefit 1: Industry Growth


As of February 2021, the US tech industry was estimated at about $1.6 trillion.


However, it’s expected to grow to $5 trillion by the end of 2021.


The numbers will continue to rise and there is so many reasons why pursuing a career in tech is a great career decision.


Benefit 2: Salary


Would earning a computer science degree be a good idea?


On average, a computer system analyst earns about $66,110 annually.


This does put you higher than the national average.


Benefit 3: Job Satisfaction


A chart showing that 65-76% of IT professionals expressed satisfaction with their IT careers.
Is technology a good career path? 65-76% of IT Professionals globally seem to think so!


Meanwhile, the IT industry retains a high level of job satisfaction.


In fact, IT professionals boasted a remarkable job satisfaction rating back in 2019.


Is information technology a good major?


Globally, an astounding 72% of IT professionals have expressed job satisfaction!


Benefit 4: Perks


Employees are the biggest asset of any company.


Technology has been one of the few industries that offer effective ways to keep their talents engaged and satisfied.


Here are five known perks of working in the technology industry that is not related to money:


  1. Personalized company-paid experience
  2. Health and wellness programs
  3. Employee rewards and discounts
  4. Employee recognition
  5. Appreciation and care


Benefit 5: Continuous learning


Tech companies embrace the idea of competitive and agile employees.


That’s something you rarely come across in traditional careers.


Trends will continue to occur and the tech industry is known for being the catalyst for learning and development mindset.


The demand for personalization will increase in the years to come which will prompt similar demands in training and development in the workforce.


Challenges in the IT field


The IT industry is never exempted from challenges.


While it’s an industry that has the potential to change how we live, it still remains a developing field.


Although we enjoy the advantages of the digital era, there are challenges that you need to be aware of.


Challenge 1: Problem-solving constantly


Problem-solving is a daily occurrence.


As technology continues to change rapidly, so do the problem-solving strategies and techniques needed by companies.


Whether it’s about driving growth, resolving stoppages and bugs, or increasing profits, IT professionals will continue to solve a wide variety of problems to make people’s lives better.


Challenge 2: Sedentary lifestyle


Technology is developed to make our lives easier.


Unfortunately, technology has resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle, especially among professionals who spend most of their time behind a desk.


This reduction in physical activity and sedentary lifestyle has been closely associated with health problems.


However, with proper exercise, nutrition, and social life, everyone can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in their careers.


Where to find Technology jobs?


Since 2010, and with some of the fastest growth rates, the number of computer science and technology degree students has increased by nearly 50% along with the computer and information sciences.

Flexjobs started in 2007. It’s one of the best platforms to find remote work.


Each of their 29,000+ jobs and 5,500+ companies on their website have been vetted thoroughly for professionalism and for mandatory remote or flexible work options.


With a stellar team behind the company, they have also curated and condensed what they believe are the most useful skills and job positions for people seeking flexible jobs and careers.

LinkedIn is one of the most favored platforms.


In fact, about 87% of recruiters believe LinkedIn is the most effective platform to find a job.


It’s the fastest way to find a job since most hiring managers are using it.

Appjobs is a huge gig platform with thousands of job offerings in over 600 cities across the globe.


With large organizations such as Uber, Rover, DoorDash, and TaskRabbit, there are a plethora of IT jobs available.


It’s becoming more popular, especially for job seekers seeking a remote and flexible work environment.


What should I study if I like technology?


A hand typing away at a keyboard which demonstrates the continuous need to improve upon technical skills.
Regardless of having a technology degree or not, technical skills come in as the most important requirement that over 50% of company leaders look forward to when hiring.


Is an IT degree worth it?


Here’s something to convince you.


In 2020, about one million tech jobs in the U.S. remain unfulfilled which proves the huge talent deficit.


There’s more.


According to a Udemy survey, over 50% of company leaders in learning and development said technical skills are one of their top priorities.


Build your skills with courses


Whether you’re shifting your career to tech or you’re trying to figure out if it’s the right career for you, you need to build the skills to land your first job.


The key to landing a tech job is to equip yourself with some of the best tech skills that are in demand right now.


Accelerate Your Job Search With A Coding Bootcamp


Bootcamps are the best-accelerated route to gain the necessary tech skills in the shortest amount of time.


It’s one of the best decisions if you want a career change or to increase your value proposition in your current place of work.


Start programming


Do you want to start coding but you’re afraid because you don’t have a degree in computer science?


You have to understand that programming is about solving problems and it’s one of the few industries that get you a job as long as you have the skills to do so.


It’s what you can do and how well you can do it, not the theory behind explanations.


As you gain the hard skills required, you can eventually incorporate the traits of what makes a good IT professional.


What is the highest paying job in technology?


The demand for strong tech talents will continue to rise and technology professionals will continue to enjoy higher salaries compared to other careers as long as they have the right skills.


  • The average salary for a director of information technology ranges from $162,926 to $201,684 as of September 2021.
  • According to a Glassdoor report, an average information systems technology salary in the U.S. is about $81,843 per year.
  • The average business technology job salary is about $81,629 per year.


Is an information systems degree worth it?


A definite, yes.


What are the top 5 technology careers?


Career 1: Web Developer


Web developers build websites.


They often work as freelancers either working on front-end development or back-end development.


This also includes writing codes in order for website features to work.


Also, they can also become webmasters working on updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Career 2: Data Scientist


Data scientists are responsible for analyzing and gathering huge collections of data both structured and unstructured.


The primary role of a data scientist is a combination of statistics, computer science, and mathematics.


These tech professionals process, analyze, and model data to create actionable plans for different organizations and companies.


Career 3: Cyber Security


A finger clicking on a digital blue vortex signifying entering into a technology career that embodies data and cybersecurity.
Is Technology a good career path? It can be if you’re involved in Data and Cybersecurity as these fields often have the highest demand for IT professionals.


Cyber security involves the protection of data, hardware, software, and any other internet-connected system against cyber threats.


It’s used by different companies, enterprises, and even individuals to protect themselves from any unauthorized access to data centers or any computerized systems.


Career 4: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been the buzzwords in technology.


They’re used for building intelligent systems.


AI is a much larger concept that allows the creation of intelligent machines.


It mimics human behavior and thinking capabilities using data.


On the other hand, machine learning is about bringing out knowledge from data.


It’s only a subfield of artificial intelligence.


The technology allows machines to learn previous data, therefore, enabling computer systems to predict or make decisions without getting programmed.


Career 5: Database Administrator


A database administrator is responsible for the performance, security, and integrity of any database.


They do the planning and development of the database including troubleshooting on behalf of the user.


The starting salary for a database administrator ranges from $29,798 – $33,862 annually.


Summary – Is technology a good career path for you?


Technology enhances the quality of lives all around us.


If you’re looking for a non-traditional job that values innovation, creativity, work-life balance, flexibility, high salary, and job security, technology sits at the very top of the job market for you.


To be successful within the technology space, you must equip yourself with the right skills.


Fortunately for most, technology is one of the few industries where you can make a career transition without having to spend another four years of college.


As it is a practical industry, employers look at practicality and what you can value add for them instead of the prestige that you may hold.


With online courses, certifications, or boot camps, you could kickstart your journey into a technology career with just 1 click.


Do you think tech is a good career for you? It is.


And it’s time to get started.


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