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LinkedIn Skill Assessment is a great way to show your skills to potential employers through your impressive LinkedIn profile. But what are LinkedIn skill assessments, and how good are they? Are they worth it for all the time spent?

Also, how do you actually take a LinkedIn skill assessment, and do recruiters even care about them?

Within this blog post today, we aim to answer all of these questions and more. We’ll also discuss what happens if you fail a LinkedIn Skill Assessment and whether or not they are entirely free on LinkedIn.

Get ready to start learning everything you need to know about LinkedIn Skill Assessments!

What are LinkedIn Skill Assessments?

LinkedIn Skill Assessments are short online quizzes that test your knowledge in a particular subject area. They are designed to help you showcase your skills to potential employers and recruiters.

You can find LinkedIn Skill Assessments under your profile’s “Skills” section. To take a LinkedIn Skill Assessment, click the “Take Quiz” button next to the skill you want to test.

How to take LinkedIn Skill Assessment?

Taking a LinkedIn Skill Assessment is easy! Go to your profile’s “Skills” section and click on the “Take Quiz” button next to the skill you want to test.


You will then be directed to the assessment page, where you can start the assessment. Once you begin the assessment, you must complete it in one sitting.

If you pass the LinkedIn Skill Assessment, your score will be displayed on your profile next to the skill. Your score will also be visible to anyone who views your profile, including recruiters.

Are Skill Assessments on LinkedIn worth it?

Yes, LinkedIn Skill Assessments are worth taking! They are a great way to add validity to your skills and showcase your knowledge to potential employers. This would also help you stand out from other candidates with similar skills.

If you have a high score on a LinkedIn Skill Assessment, it will show that you are knowledgeable and competent in that particular skill.

How do I pass a skill assessment on LinkedIn?

It differs for everyone, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. We recommend that you take some time to review the content of the assessment before taking it.

Also, we recommend being competent in your choice of assessment so that you have the highest chance of passing.

This will help add background knowledge while you’re taking the assessment and can increase your chances of passing the LinkedIn Skill Assessment.

What happens if you fail a LinkedIn skill assessment?

You would not have to worry too much about failing because your score will not be shown on your profile if you fail an assessment.

We recommend that you review the content of the assessment and brush up on your skills before retaking it.

How many times can you take a LinkedIn assessment?

You can retake any assessment once more, but only after six months have passed. LinkedIn also gives you an outline of your results after completing an assessment.


an image of the LinkedIn application on a mobile phone representing LinkedIn skill assessment and LinkedIn skill badges
LinkedIn Skill Assessment and LinkedIn Skill Badges: How Important Are They?

Are LinkedIn skill assessments free?

Yes, LinkedIn skill assessments are free for all users! Everyone has multiple skills you may want to be endorsed, and thus, you can take as many different assessments as you wish!

Do recruiters care about LinkedIn assessments?

The answer is a resounding yes! Recruiters use LinkedIn skills assessments in various ways to find the best candidates.

Here are four ways that recruiters are making use of this valuable tool:

  • Recruiters often seek people who have passed assessments for specific skills as part of their search parameters and filters. This is a great way to identify candidates with the right skills quickly.
  • Badges appear alongside profiles in search results lists, and it helps recruiters prioritize profiles even if they didn’t filter by skills assessments. This makes it quicker for recruiters to see which candidates have the desired skills.
  • When a recruiter has a job vacancy and posts a job, they can input the desired skills from the same database of talents that populates skills lists on individual profiles. That means that when a recruiter looks at applicants, they can see who has their desired skills listed on their profile.
  • Human Resource professionals within your organization can also use LinkedIn skills assessments to identify candidates’ potential training and development needs.

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Guidelines

  • LinkedIn provides skill assessments to measure your expertise in the desired area that you’re focusing on
  • There are 15 questions in each assessment, each of which is timed
  • The questions asked to follow an adaptive methodology, meaning they adjust depending on your skill level
  • You may be suggested an assessment for the desired skill following a job application through LinkedIn
  • Once you’ve completed an assessment, you’ll receive an assessment report
  • You can view this assessment report at any time from the Skills page




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