A hostess position can be rewarding, but in order to remain employable, you must have a stellar hostess resume in hand.

But how can you enable your resume to stand out amongst the hundreds of others submitted alongside yours?

You need to first understand the following:

  • what your employer is looking for
  • who is the ideal candidate for them
  • and how you can fit the above

A hostess is a crucial role that serves as the face of the restaurant.

From greeting guests from the moment they arrive to providing them with menus to start ordering, a hostess does it all.

They play a critical role in the restaurant’s activity by ensuring they create a welcoming first impression for the customers.

As the face of the restaurants, employers look for hostesses with:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong multi-tasking skills
  • And the ability to handle various situations.

And this is what your resume should clearly reflect to capture the attention it needs!

Today, we will be going over the various sections of a hostess’s resume. And how you should fill them up strategically to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

A Hostess’s Resume Objective

The very first step to creating a long-lasting impact with a hostess resume is to add on a captivating objectives statement.

Your objective should be able to hook the reader enough so they are compelled to continue reading your resume.

You should tailor your objective to highlight the applicable skills you are proficient in that will enable you to succeed at work.

But what skills are required for the job position you are applying for? Be sure to look at the job description because it should have some important keywords.

These important keywords can clarify what the employer is looking for.

When you start writing your objective, try to keep it concise but be sure to cover the vital details.

Vital details include the skills you are talented in and can effectively utilize on the job. Keep it targeted and straightforward.

Give the employer a brief insight into your personality and skillset.


a digital image of a hostess resume

How Do You Describe a Hostess on a Resume?

How can you describe what a hostess does on your resume? Hostesses do so much more than just create a welcoming experience for their customers.

They will also handle a number of client-management tasks such as:

  • including taking phone calls
  • handling schedules, and seating arrangements
  • guiding clients on their orders
  • and providing them with general information.

What’s important to note is that hostesses have to be prepared to take on all types of situations and deal with all types of customers.

You need to prove to the hiring manager that if you are given the position, you can help create an optimal customer experience for all customers.

Don’t simply describe yourself with words like “nice” or “good”. Be sure to use stronger adjectives.

I am capable, customer-oriented, enthusiastic, and excellent at multi-tasking, delivering a welcoming experience for clients, and can maintain an upbeat demeanor.

Ensure that your hiring manager captures the best of your professional abilities and your personality traits.

Hostess Resume Description

The resume job description section is where you list your previous job experience and any projects or volunteer work you partook in.

Your hostess resume description is where your experience should shine.

Show the hiring manager the potential value you can bring to an organization.

Sometimes job seekers may have the experience needed for the job but fail to clearly highlight their skills and accomplishments.

How to Write a Resume for a Hostess Job?

For each listed job, you should include:

  • the title
  • the company name
  • the time interval of employment
  • your role in the company and
  • your major achievements/accomplishments

Try to add “action-benefit” statements – describe a challenge you faced and a specific action you took.

Include the positive result of your actions, such as

  • increased client handling capacity or
  • a boost in repeat customers

Some crucial pointers you can include in your hostess experience are:

  • how many guests do you serve per day
  • how many reservations do you take on a standard day
  • and any impact you had on customer satisfaction

Hostess Resume Duties

Next, we will be talking about hostess duties and responsibilities.

As discussed before, the most important duty of a hostess is to welcome guests into an establishment and help them settle down at designated tables.

This requires being well skilled in coordinating with the remainder of the team to ensure all clients are brought in, settled down, and served on time.

Hard skills and soft skills both come to play here. Not only should you have the organizational skills needed to schedule and book reservations for your clients

But you should also have strong communication skills to guide your customers to the right spot.

Hostess Resume Responsibilities

The next part is the hostess’s resume responsibilities.

Some other key responsibilities of a hostess include:

  • Making sure all the customer needs are met
  • See to customer complaints
  • Make sure your server is catering to customers on time
  • Managing a wait-list for the day
  • Manage to-go orders
  • See to the cleaning of the restaurant’s lobby
  • Create an inviting environment for guests

Hostess Skills for Resume

We have already discussed the key role a hostess plays in everyday restaurant activity.

Furthermore, a hostess must have a certain set of skills to be able to manage this role effectively.

To ensure smooth operations in the restaurant, you want to make sure you, as a hostess, have the following key skills:

  • Customer Service: They are the first point of contact for customers, guide them, cater to their needs, and take care of their requests.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Good communication will help you address all arising issues in the restaurant, communicate with your team so they may serve the customers in a timely manner, and manage the influx of new customers.
  • Organizational Skills: The ability to monitor the entirety of your dining area, keeping track of reservations and bookings.
  • Ability to Multi-task: A hostess should be able to take calls for new reservations and discuss the availability of tables. At the same time, however, they need to make sure that the seated customers are being catered to.
  • Keep Composure and Calm: Your job is to make sure all your guests are welcomed and treated fairly, even if it demands a lot of composure and patience.


A hostess holding her hostess resume and posing in a restaurant

Hostess Career Objective

Hiring managers and employers seek individuals whose career objectives fall in line with the restaurant’s objectives.

You should mold your hostess’s career objectives accordingly. Here is how:

  1. First, be sure to start by adding a strong trait that describes you, e.g., hard-working, diligent and organized, engaged, motivated.
  2. Then add some key skills that you excel at, something that the employer would be interested in.
  3. Mentions what you can do for the company and what your professional goals are. They should go hand-in-hand.
  4. Be sure to mention the exact position you hope to occupy and use the name of the company you are applying for.

What About A Hostess Resume With No Experience?

If you are a hostess with previous experience working at a number of reputable restaurants, the focal point of your resume should include your past experience.

On the other hand, if you are an inexperienced individual looking to acquire a hostess position, the focal point of your resume should consist of your skills.

Be sure to add all your soft and hard skills relevant to the job position.

At the same time, emphasize your education and add any relevant internships, as these can fill in the empty gaps in your work experience.

You should also add the list of responsibilities you had as an intern.

Fine Dining Hostess Resume vs. Club Hostess Resume: What Should I Put for Each?

You need to build your resume around the type of experience you have.

This is because the experience you gain from working as a fine dining hostess differs from that gained by working as a club hostess.

As a club hostess, your duties may revolve around:

  • managing the guest list
  • checking in at the entrance
  • taking reservation requests
  • and going around the dining area to respond to your clients’ needs

Some tasks specific to club hostesses include:

  • giving directions to new club members
  • participating in club activities to meet the club’s regular customers
  • and introducing the club to new potential clients

You might notice how crucial soft skills are for this position. In your resume, be sure to add the specific tasks you performed.

Be sure to qualify the results of your tasks to emphasize their effectiveness. Explain each task and include any skills you learned.

On the other hand, high-end restaurants hiring hostesses might seek hard skills.

This is because fine dining restaurants function using several technologies to provide the best service possible to their guests.

This includes:

  • POS systems
  • reservation systems
  • and table management systems

For your hostess resume, be sure to add the specific hard skills you excel at but don’t skip out the soft skills entirely!

Those still matter and should be appropriately mentioned.

Hospital Hostess Resume vs. Hostess Cashier Resume: What Should I Include?

A hospital hostess is usually responsible for:

  • communicating with patients
  • having them checked in and out
  • and communicating with the staff and guests of the hospital to maintain the patient environment

Some key skills you should add to your resume include:

  • addressing patient needs
  • maintaining patient information
  • assisting in meal distribution
  • and maintaining records of patient food intake

You should have strong communication skills, customer service skills, and organizational skills but should also be polite, pleasant, and warm.

As for a cashier hostess, the duties are more technical. They involve:

  • answering phones
  • managing POS stations
  • handling cash
  • these are on top of greeting guests and having them seated while catering to their unique needs

As such, your resume should include the technical experience you have with POS systems, reservation systems, and taking reservations and seating customers.

Once again, be sure that you do not miss out on your soft skills; any hostess position will always demand that you carry them!

How do you describe a Hostess on a resume?

Don’t simply describe yourself with words like “nice” or “good”. Be sure to use stronger adjectives. Example: “I am capable, customer-oriented, enthusiastic, and excellent at multi-tasking, delivering a welcoming experience for clients, and can maintain an upbeat demeanor.” Ensure that your hiring manager captures the best of your professional abilities and your personality traits.

What skills should I put on my resume for Hostess?

A hostess should focus on essential skills such as customer service, strong communication skills, organizational skills, the ability to multi-task, and the ability to keep composure and calm during stressful situations.

What are the responsibilities of a host?

A host or hostess has responsibilities ranging from ensuring that all the customer needs are met, attending to customer complaints, ensuring that your server is catering to customers on time, managing a wait-list for the day, managing to-go orders, enforcing the cleaning of the restaurant’s lobby and the creation of an inviting environment for guests.

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