Why Do You Need Good Excuses To Miss Work?

Having a list of good excuses to miss work never hurts.

Taking some time off from work can be much-needed if you are stressed out with work and want to avoid burnout.

Maybe you’d even want a day off so that you can update your resume and keep up to date about making yourself employable again.

Importance of Bulletproof Excuses To Get Out Of Work

Having good reasons to call out of work can always do you some good.

But if you need a day off on short notice, you need good excuses to miss work and a solid one that sounds convincing enough to your employer.

Then you need to deliver it correctly, and before you know it, you will have the day to yourself!

Excuses To Call Out Of Work: Why Is It Okay?

Well, taking days off back-to-back over unreasonable issues isn’t good.

Taking a day off once in a while won’t do you much harm. Everyone needs an unexpected day off work at least once in their life.

Some employers may have you submit a week’s notice before your leave, but sometimes circumstances won’t allow for advance notice.

Such circumstances require immediate attention so you can get your day off without having anyone raise any eyebrows.

What To Say When Calling Out Of Work?

Saying you are sick, your car broke down, or you have a home emergency are plausible reasons and some of the best excuses to get out of work as they require immediate attention.

Let’s look at other great excuses that you can use to get out of work on short notice and can also serve as good excuses to miss school.

Good Excuses To Miss Work On Short Notice

Here we’ll discuss some of the best excuses to get out of work on short notice.

These will help decrease those worries about losing your job with these work excuses!

1) How To Call Out Of Work Due To Vehicle or Transportation Problems

This is a pretty legitimate one that most people will believe, especially if your route tends to receive heavy traffic as is.

Call your boss and let them know that you are stuck in traffic and probably might not make it to the office for some time.

Alternatively, you can also state that your car broke down or is stuck at the mechanic. Your boss might give you a day off!

2) Car (or Other) Accident

Accidents are unexpected and yet completely believable.

Moreover, accidents don’t have to involve you directly.

Sometimes your close ones may experience (not necessarily car accidents) and may need your assistance.

This makes accidents one of the top excuses to get out of work on short notice.

3) Calling Off Work Due To A Death Of A Close Or Loved One

The loss of a close one should and always will get you the time off you need.

Most employers are sympathetic to such a loss and will understand if you need some time off work.

4) Picking Someone Up From The Airport Or Bringing Them To An Appointment

Let’s say your parents are flying in and need someone to pick them up from the airport, or your dear elderly neighbour needs to go to the airport but doesn’t have anyone to take with them.

You could step in and help them out.

Alternatively, you can say the same for people who need to get to their doctor’s appointments.

This is also a good enough excuse to get you out of work.

5) Sick Day Excuses: Personal Illness

Falling ill means that you need time to recover.

Even taking a day off can make a considerable difference.

Communicate this with your employees, and you’ll get a day off quite easily.

However, some employers may require a doctor’s note after recovering, so tread lightly.

6) Should I Call Out Of Work Due To A Pet Emergency?

Is your employer a pet owner?

That makes your reason for absence a lot more relatable and, therefore, believable.

You can tell them your pet isn’t feeling so well and needs a visit to the vet.

Any pet owner will instantly understand the pain of seeing your pet suffer. In other words, you’ll get the day off.

7) Child Care Excuses To Call Off Work

Kids need a parental figure or caregiver around 24/7.

They are incredibly demanding and have all sorts of needs. (You may not even have to make up an excuse!).

You can say that your child needs to be taken for his vaccinations, doctor, or dentist appointment. No one will object to that.

8) Family Emergency Excuses To Miss Work

A family emergency needs immediate attention, and they are generally unexpected.

Family emergency examples can keep you from going to work; from:

  • Unexpected surgery
  • Having a family member falling sick
  • Burst pipe in a loved one’s house
  • A family member’s broken car


You can let your employer know that you’re stuck sorting through a family emergency and may miss work.

9) How To Call Off Work Due To Buying A Home Or A Car

It’s not every day that you buy your car or a new home.

Employers understand that and will give you the time you need to attend your appointment, especially if it can’t be shifted to any other time.

10) How To Get Out Of Work Due To Medical Appointments

Having a scheduled medical appointment means that you need some time off work.

However, some employers may give you a day or two off work before they ask you to send a doctor’s note verifying that you had an appointment.

11) Miscellaneous Excuses To Call Into Work (Hot Water Heater Leak, Pipes Might Freeze)

Your excuse for not going to work can include home emergencies such as water heater leaks or water damage that need urgent attention.

A leak left unattended can do a lot more damage to your property.

This makes it a good enough excuse to take a day off work.


a man sitting at a table holding his head thinking of good excuses to miss work
Running out of excuses to call out of work or thinking of good excuses to miss work? You’re not alone.

Good Excuses To Call Out Of Work During COVID: Legitimate Reasons To Miss Work

As the COVID pandemic spread rapidly, individuals needed more and more time off work.

Most offices switched to remote working entirely over time as the situation deteriorated.

Good Excuses To Miss Work: Health Excuses Not To Go To Work

COVID isn’t over yet, and you’re still susceptible to falling ill.

So, here are some good excuses to call out of work during COVID.

12) Call In Excuses Due To Chest Pressure or Pain

Feeling tightness in your chest or pain as you breathe may be a symptom.

If you’re experiencing such symptoms, it’s best to take the day off and stay home.

You should notify your employer as you do so, and they’ll suggest you do so themselves.

13) Conjunctivitis

Getting conjunctivitis or pink eye due to COVID may occur as well.

Nearly 1%-3% of individuals experience conjunctivitis with COVID.

So if your eyes are feeling a bit red, you can notify your employees and suggest taking a day off until you feel better.

14) Diarrhea

In some cases, digestive symptoms such as diarrhea may be some of the first symptoms.

So talk to your employer; they should not deliberately make you come to work when you’re feeling unwell.

15) Discoloration of Toes or Fingers

Have you heard of something called COVID toes?

Most people don’t realize they have them before they notice the discoloration of their feet (or hands).

Swelling, pain, and itching are also common symptoms.

You can say that your feet are swollen and painful, and that is a sign of concern.

Your employer will be sure to believe so, and you’ll get the day off.

16) Headache

Most people who experience COVID also get headaches; these headaches tend to linger and make it incredibly difficult to work or focus.

Let your employer know that you’re experiencing severe headaches and feeling under the weather.

No employer would want you showing up to work, making your health go from bad to worse.

17) Loss of Voluntary Movement or Speech

Some people experiencing COVID may be susceptible to strokes and brain inflammation.

If you are experiencing a loss of voluntary movement or speech, you may be suffering from some of the neurological symptoms of COVID.

18) Loss of Any Senses: Taste, Smell, or Both

If you lose the sense of smell or taste or both, you may be carrying COVID.

Losing taste and smell is one of the most common symptoms of COVID.

Tell your employer that you’ve lost your sense of taste and smell, and you fear you may have fallen ill.

Your employer will agree that you won’t want to show up in the workspace and spread the virus to others.

19) Shortness of Breath

Easily running out of breath or finding it difficult to breathe can mean pressure on your chest and lungs.

This may mean that you are ill.

Regardless, this also means you need time off work.

Tell your employer about the situation, and you will be told to take a leave and get yourself tested.

20) Skin Rash

While skin rashes are one of the less common symptoms of COVID, they aren’t unheard of.

You may see painful, raised bumps.

Some may also be swollen and discolored (especially around the toes and fingers).

You can convince your employer that you are experiencing unusual skin rashes and you’d like to visit a doctor if you’ve contracted COVID.

Good Excuses To Miss Work (Night Shift)

Being scheduled for the night shift may be a horrible experience for some.

You may need to pull all your strength together and finish off your night shift unless you can conjure up a good enough excuse to stay out of it!

Here are some good excuses to get out of work for the night shift!

21) Scheduled for an Early Shift

Generally, your employer will schedule shifts between breaks so you can have a balanced schedule.

But if you find that your night shift precedes an immediate morning shift, you can use this to get out of the night shift.

22) Spouse Works Nights

If you have kids at home and your spouse works at night, you need someone to stay home.

You can talk to your employer and have them see why you can’t leave the kids unattended.

23) Part-Time Evening Job

If you are already working part-time during the evenings, you may have to talk to your boss immediately before they put you on a night shift.

Your employer may ask for proof of employment, so be sure to have that ready.

24) Child Custody Arrangement Reasons To Call Off Work

If you are in a child custody arrangement, you can’t possibly work a night shift when you have a child alone at home.

Your employer will understand this and may give you a morning shift.

Good Excuses To Miss Work: How Do You Say You Can’t Come Into Work?

Thinking of a good excuse isn’t enough; you must also be able to deliver it respectfully and believably.

You should first request a conversation with them.

Acknowledge your obligation to complete work, be there on time, and explain why you need to take the day off.

It would be best if you offered to make up for the time during another shift.

Sometimes your boss may follow up with further questioning into your reason for absence.

Be sure to have a good explanation ready!

Really Unusual Sick Day Excuses To Avoid

Fake excuses to get out of work that are utterly unbelievable may very well have you lose your job.

For instance, saying you are hungover or tired from a party last night can be as extremely unprofessional and irresponsible, and your reputation will also be ruined.

Saying you overslept and missed your alarm is another bad excuse; most employers don’t want to know that you can’t show up on time.Try to stick to actual, believable excuses for missing work that won’t ruin your reputation.

This way, you can take a day off without the fear of being fired.


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