Recruiters play a valuable role in helping you land a secure job and therefore, it is essential to understand how to reach out to a recruiter effectively.

But first, let’s understand who recruiters really are.

Understand A Recruiter’s Job

Recruiters are business professionals hired by companies to assist them in looking for prospective employees.

They are usually the individuals who know the most about job postings in various industries. 

Essentially, they are the ones who are conducting your initial interviews after you’ve successfully passed the Applicant Tracking System.

Suppose a recruiter believes you are suitable for a position in your desired company, they can often go to great lengths to ensure that you are selected.

However, if you nag or ask for frequent updates, it might cause a rift. Hence, it is vital to understand the right time to reach out to a recruiter. 


a recruiter shaking hands with an interviewee after learning how to reach out to a recruiter
Learning how to reach out to a recruiter effectively can be the best skillset to learn.

When Do You Reach Out To A Recruiter?

Suppose you are looking for a job, looking for a better position, or hoping to shift your career to a different industry.

In that case, it might be the perfect time to contact recruiters. 

For example, they often help job seekers pursue better opportunities or occupations with more incredible benefits. 

Even if a recruiter is exclusively working for an organization, they will share information regarding other job openings, helping you save ample research time.

In addition, they tend to have inside knowledge of job openings that haven’t been made public yet, allowing you to jump ahead of the crowd. 

They also ensure that you are well-prepared for a job by conducting interviews, screening, and in some cases, offering you vacant positions. 

If any of their services fall under your current requirements, you will know it is the right time to contact recruiters. 

How Do You Politely Reach A Recruiter?

Whenever you reach out to a recruiter, ensure that you are respectful and easy-going.

Recruiters have many individuals contacting them for the same reason as you, and they might take longer to get you updates.

Most of the time, recruiters will provide you with a timeline of when you should contact them for an update.

However, if there isn’t one, an appropriate time to ask would be one or two weeks after your initial meetup with them. 

However, you should ensure that: 

You Are Not Being Aggressive But Are Showing Interest When reaching out to a recruiter, show enthusiasm through a friendly and light-hearted tone. However, don’t contact them without a scheduled call, be aggressive or demanding with your style, or show desperation. 
You Have Informed Them Of Any Changes In Your Application If there has been a new achievement that will look good on your CV or resume during the waiting time, it is essential to contact the recruiter immediately.
You Are Establishing A Relationship That Goes Further Than Your Current Requirement  Recruiters will help you in the future with new job postings or any other growth opportunities.
If a recruiter rejects your application, don’t take it to heart. 

Instead, accept the decision and ask for assistance in finding better jobs that suit your skills and experience.
Make them your friend since they can become your biggest asset in the job industry. 

What Could You Say When You Reach Out To A Recruiter?

When reaching out to a recruiter, knowing what to say can be tricky.

Since your job search’s success depends on how you approach the recruiter, being thoughtful yet precise might be the best approach. 

Your message to the recruiter should include the following criteria:

  • Be Specific

Recruiters are working with multiple individuals and organizations at the same time.

As a result, they would not read lengthy emails or indulge in formalities.  Hence, your message to a recruiter should be specific and to the point.

You should stick to your inquiry and offer to identify information that can make it easier for them to resolve your query. 

For example, suppose you received your applicant number during the interview procedure.

It will be easier for them to look you up and provide you with information regarding timelines, applications, or submissions. 

  • Show Evidence Of Research

Confidence and dedication are the keys to impressing a recruiter.  Be well-informed regarding your job and industry.

Your effort will show the recruiter that you have done your research and are equipped for the job. 

How Do You Write A Message To A Recruiter?

  • Keep It Simple

Don’t go into details; stick with what is essential for the recruiter to know.

Keep your communication straightforward, so it is easier for a recruiter to help you out. Recruiters already have a full plate.

Try to lessen their load by being punctual, and timely responses to them, and if you decide that the job is not for you, inform them immediately.

  • Respect The Relationship

Your courtesy will communicate the impression you give the recruiter and your potential employers.

Therefore, ensure you treat them with the same respect and courtesy you would give to a hiring manager or a company employer. 

Use respectful language, avoid getting too comfortable, and ensure that you are not aiming your frustration at them.

Ensure that you make reasonable requests and accommodate them in whatever way possible. 

How To Reach Out To A Recruiter About A Job Posting?

We have already discussed how to reach out to a recruiter. And what to say when reaching out to a recruiter. 

How about a job posting? Here is what you should include in your messages when reaching out to a recruiter:

  • Brief Message 

Your introduction, reason for reaching out, and resume should all be part of a single message or email.

Keep it brief and concise but communicate all the information the recruiter requires to consider you a candidate. 

Ensure that each recruiter receives a tailored message that shows that you have researched the industry/job for which you are applying.

If you know about the recruiter and share what you have learned, you will get bonus points! 

  • Ask For Advice 

Recruiters will be brutally honest and might even reject your application.

While this can be frustrating, listen to their constructive criticism with an open mind.

It can help you better optimize your applications to impress future employers. 

  • Highlight Your Records 

Market your skills, and show proof of performance.

A recruiter can often double-check your experience and skills leading them to select you as a potential candidate. 

Hence, it might be ideal for highlighting every relevant achievement.

  • Show Them Why You Are The Best Candidate 

While your skills and experience will advocate for your abilities, you still need to show your recruiter what makes you a compatible candidate.

Highlight aspects of your current job that you enjoy, and areas where you excel and emphasize how you have learned and improved throughout your experience.

Show the recruiter that you are authentic and determined to succeed.

How To Reach Out To Recruiters Via Email?

Many recruiters have their agencies through which they run their collaborations with organizations.

Hence, reaching out to a recruiter becomes relatively easy. 

If that is not the case, you can find any recruiter’s information through job listings, company career pages, or staffing and headhunting agencies. 

Once you have their email, follow these rules to ensure a reply back:


Be Direct In Your Subject Line When the recruiter receives your email, they should immediately be able to deduce the email’s content. Keep your subject line relevant and precise.
Greet Them By Name If you found their email address online, you will be able to find their name as well. Personalize your email through a proper greeting so they know that you are putting thought and attention into your email.
Explain How You Found Their Information Remind them of any past meetings, such as conferences, or mention any colleague or friend who referred you. Or inform them of where you got their information online. 
Briefly Review Your Experience Talk about your skills and experience but avoid lengthy details or explanations. Keep it quick and short. 
Describe Your Next Career Goals Let them know about your future goals, what kind of job you are looking for, or if you are looking for growth opportunities so they can help you out accordingly. 
Ask To Collaborate Be direct with your interest in working with them. Having a relationship with a recruiter is mutually beneficial, so help them fill in company positions. They will help you find your desired job. 
Wait For A Reply Once again, be patient and wait for a reply. You do not want to come off desperate or impatient. 

How To Reach Out To A Recruiter After Interview?

While the recruiter provides you with a set amount of time after an interview, it might be in your best interest to contact recruiters with the following notes. 

  • A Thank You Note 

After your interview, you should send the recruiter an email thanking them for their time.

Again, keep it brief, but include a specific moment from the interview where you learned something important to show interest and determination. 

  • Follow-Up Note 

If the recruiter has not contacted you on the specified date, you should send this note.

Even then, do follow email etiquette and keep a friendly, calm tone.

  • Exception Note 

If there is a new achievement or change in any provided information between the interview and follow-up date, please send a brief email to the recruiter to update them. 

  • Feedback Note 

There might be opportunities that you might get rejected.

In which case, you should request the recruiter to provide you with feedback to enhance your application. 

How To Reach Out To A Recruiter For An Update?

Recruiters timely reach out to candidates to either select or reject them.

But if you are facing radio silence, it might be a good time to send an email asking for an update. 

The easiest way to grab a recruiter’s attention is by using a solid subject line but carefully worded.

Try to write the purpose of the email within the subject line with such creativity that it creates curiosity and urges them to open your email. 

It would also be best if you did not use strong wording. Instead, remain polite, respectful, and courteous. 

Moreover, do not send multiple update emails or include unnecessary information.

Instead, stick to the point and try to achieve your goal. 

How To Reach Out To A Recruiter On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the go-to platform of many recruiters since they can find qualified individuals with a simple click rather than go through multiple applications.

Hence, signing up for a LinkedIn account may work great in your favor.  You do not need to pursue jobs actively.

Still, you should know how to use the application and develop an impressive profile. 

Since LinkedIn is an online website/application, it offers the option of instant messaging.

However, even when messaging through LinkedIn, ensure that you are following the same tips and tricks that you would be when emailing them. 

Reaching out on LinkedIn does not mean that you should not be formal. A simple trick is to write a message similar to an email and send it. 

Try not to message multiple times or contact for updates too often.

Instead, let your experience, skills, and accomplishments do the convincing while you patiently wait for the call-back. 

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